The Fairfield County Hunt Club June Benefit Horse Show to benefit the EQUUS Foundation will be held on Tuesday-Saturday, June 17-21, 2014 and is the only national horse show in Fairfield County that is open to the public free of charge. The five-day show offers over 250 classes in which national and local equestrians of all ages compete, social activities and shopping at the show's Paddock Boutique.

The June Show is a Heritage Competition, the highest honor that can be bestowed on a horse show by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), the governing body of the equestrian sport and a distinction reserved for horse shows not only dedicated to technical excellence but also philanthropy and community involvement.

The show is held on the grounds of the Fairfield County Hunt Club at 174 Long Lots Road in Westport, Connecticut, a landmark in Fairfield County since its establishment in 1923, that welcomes members of the community with equestrian interests to join its riding program.

For information about membership and the Club's equestrian program, visit www.huntclubonline.org.

For the EQUUS Foundation, it's all about how horses move people beyond their boundaries. The Foundation has awarded nearly $2.5 million in grants to equine charities that are reducing the unwanted horse population, retraining horses for multiple careers, and making equine therapy available to more people. Over 800 organizations participate on the Foundation's Equine Welfare Network. None of this would be possible without the support of the sponsors.


To learn more about the EQUUS Foundation and how your support helps horses and people, click here.



Catherine Herman, Michele Ippolito & Sean Hogan

Executive Committee

Peggy Belden
Benedicte Berg & Jeremy Deutsch
Maddie Blaney
Margie Bondy
Lisa Bytner
Lynn Coakley

Ann Coley
Silvia Durno
Chris & Kris Greer
Jane Henderson
Dottie Lay
Virginia Pursche

Jennifer Ross
Nancy Sargent
Berkeley Soper
Gabrielle Guise Tiktinsky

Honorary Committee

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Alecia
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Balkan
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Barnet
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Belden
Ms. Benedicte Berg & Mr. Jeremy Deutsch
Mr. Andrew & Dr. Marilyn Geni Blaney
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bondy
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Brunetti
Mr. Robert E. Cacchione
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Juan Carlos Carrera
Ms. Claire Cassidy
Dr. Wynatte Chu
Mrs. Eleanor D. Cilo
Ms. Susan H. Clatworthy
Ms. Lynn Coakley
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Coley
Mrs. Phyllis Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Condon
Mr. Mark Connelly
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Cornell
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Crossfield
Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Cruz
Mrs. Luella Davis
Mr. & Mrs. David DeVoe
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Didio
Mrs. Debbie Dorsey
Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Durno
Ms. Sarah Reynard Epifano
Mr. & Mrs. John Fath
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Fattibene
Mr. & Mrs. David Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. John Fleming
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Flower

Mr. & Mrs. Ward French III
Mr. David Goodwin
Mrs. Beth Gralnick
Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Green
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Greer
Ms. Annemarie Griggs
Mrs. Gigi Haber MFH
Mr. & Mrs. John Hansen Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Harbach
Mr. William R. Harris Jr.
Ms. Jane Henderson
Dr. & Mrs. Steven Herman
Mr. & Mrs. John Herzog
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Higgins
Mr. Sean T. Hogan Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Huber
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ippolito
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Johnson
Mr. Lawrence D'Addario & Ms. Patricia J. Keenan
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Keim
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Knadler
Ms. Alexis Lasser
Mr. Charles & Dr. Dottie Lay
Mr. & Mrs. W. Jay Leukart
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Looby
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McCreesh
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Juan Pablo Mejia
Dr. & Mrs. Francis Mergenthaler
Mr. Jason H. Mudd
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mullen
Mr. & Mrs. John Nevin
Mr. & Mrs. David Orlin

Mr. & Mrs. Joe E. Parsons
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Penwell
Mr. & Mrs. John Petterson
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Prichard
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Pursche
Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Rendeiro
Mr. & Mrs. J. Soren Reynertson
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Robinson
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sargent
Ms. Ariane Mermod & Mr. Paul Schreiner
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Schwabe
Mrs. Christina Seale
Miss Susan Shafer
Mr. & Mrs. Justin Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Max Soper
Mr. & Mrs. Alvaro Sousa
Dr. Robert Stanton
Ms. Laure Sudreau-Rippe & Mr. William Rippe
Ms. Brenda Tananbaum
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Tarika
Ms. Joey Tate
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Thomson
Ms. Margaret E. Wyrwas & Mr. Peter Thorner
Mrs. Jane Tierney
Gabrielle Guise & Jon Tiktinsky
Mr. & Mrs. Curt R. Tobey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Trudeau
Mr. & Mrs. George Walker
Mr. & Mrs. John Ward
Ms. Stephanie Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Jarvis Wilcox
Dr. Yasmin Von Schirnding & Mr. Derek Yach
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Yules
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Zylstra


Adore Me - Gigi Coley
Alliance - David Goodwin
Amour - Cori Trudeau
Believe It or Not - Sofia Petrafesa
Bonita - Caroline Parsons
Braddock - Lucas Mejia
Buenos - Isabella Cruz
Cartoon - Nadja Tiktinsky
Celebration - Michaela Pritchett
Cicoco - Caroline Parsons
Commander - Lilly Walker
Contador - Juliana Beal
Diamond Rock - Christina Seale
Diva - Cassie Herman
Dubai van de Vogelzang - Nadja Tiktinksy
Duchess - Nikki Coley
Envy - Katrina Tiktinsky
Fair Play - Bettina Reynertson
Herlique - Grace Conroy
Houston - Elizabeth & Alexandra Barlow
Jus D'Orange - Peggy Belden
Just Push Play - Laure Sudreau-Rippe
Lapiko - Juan Pablo Mejia
Legacy - Tracy Thomson
Levirno - Katie Sargent
Little Miss Magic - Olivia Blaney
Mademoiselle - Margaret Huber
Melody - Gigi Coley
Merlin the Magnificent - Dimitra Ippolito
Metro - Alida Deutsch
Minister of Note - Sally Dunham
Mohito - Isabel Martin-Rudaz
Nike - Hannah Trudeau

Pandamonium - Dana Cofsky
Rain Sox - Julia Blaney
Real Appeal - Claudia Robinson
Rip It Up - Alexander Florian
Rolex - Isabella Didio
Rosales-Z - Donovan Ross
Rowan - Susan Barnet
Shine On Me - Kassidy Greer
Sienna - Dottie Lay
Smile Time - The Stantons
Smooth Move - Eva Harris
Sonny Cruise - Donovan Ross
Summer Rain - Sadie Paulos
Sweet Baby James - Lola Knadler
Tamara - Katrina Tiktinsky
Tartan Plaid - Priscilla Cornell
Tempete - Kassie Coley
They Say - Page Soper
Tiger Lilly - Andrew Lewis
Viper Van Het Bastynhof - Anna Petterson
Waikiki - Juan Pablo Mejia
Whisper - Cassie Herman
Who's Blue - Teddy Deutsch
Wiggles - Casey Robinson
Work of Art - Brittany Silver
You're My Sunshine - Jane Henderson
Zoe - Margaret Huber
Zoquito - Vicki Orlin
Zuzu's Petals - Kimberly Ward

School Horses: Beau, Best of Friends, Dora the Explorer, Freckle, Jelly Bean, Linus, On Target, Periwinkle, Pickles, Quarterback, Sushi, Tilley, Tinker Toy, Uptown Girl and Wish Granted.


Jeff Bortniker
Jeff Bortniker started painting in 1996, first as an escape from the daily stress of his career in finance, and now as a passionate pursuit.

Drawing inspiration from Rothko, Miro, Calder, and Johns., he naturally gravitated toward this similar style in his own work. Using mixed media as his base, Jeff works with acrylic paints, molding pastes, and spray paints. His bold use of colors and thick brush strokes imbue his paintings with passion, evoking an emotional response from the viewer.

Jeff is currently represented by galleries in both New York and Connecticut. His work is being collected by art lovers across the country. His larger works have been commissioned by Arista Records, Universal Records and Reader's Digest, among others.

Born in Brooklyn in 1962, Jeff is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. He spent most of his professional life on Wall Street, first as a trader and then as an Environmental Financier.