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Our Athletes are professional equestrians who demonstrate that success is measured not only by winning but by making the quality of life of their equine partners paramount. The EQUUS Foundation is deeply grateful to our Athletes for lending their names to help promote the charitable efforts of the EQUUS Foundation.

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Hunter/Jumper Athletes

Jennifer Alfano

Molly Ashe-Cawley

Hayley Barnhill

Jennifer Bauersachs

Georgina Bloomberg

Victoria Colvin

Ailish Cunniffe

John French

Hope Glynn

Brianne Goutal-Marteau

Patricia Griffith

Kristin Hardin

Lillie Keenan

Candice King

Peter Lutz

Beezie Madden

Mary Manfredi

Holly Orlando

Cassandra Orpen

Peter Pletcher

Alison Robitaille

Havens Schatt

Louise Serio

Nicole Shahinian-Simpson

Sydney Shulman

Will Simpson

Jessica Springsteen

Amanda Steege

Scott Stewart

Jimmy Torano

McLain Ward

Cynthia Williams

Lainie Wimberly

Ali Wolff

*More About our Athletes
Currently, our Athletes represent the hunter and jumper disciplines with the goal going forward to embrace all disciplines that wish to participate and honor their outstanding athletes.

Contact us here if you would like to nominate an athlete.

For the hunter and jumper disciplines, the current WCHR Professional Hunter and Rolex Show Jumping rankings are considered in the selection of Athletes.