Here's To Our 2017 Champions!


Thank you to our Volunteers! The Champions program sponsored by Ariat International was established in 2012 to stimulate and reward volunteerism on behalf of horses.

Thank you, Ariat International, for your commitment to horses and for your sponsorship of this wonderful rewards program.

The following individuals achieved Champion status in 2017 by volunteering 24 or more hours for organizations on the Foundation's Equine Welfare Network.

Nancy Bidlack

Denise Brophy

Carol Burnell

Nancy Cackowski

Dawn Caldwell

Jaclyn Carlino

Christy Carper

Donna Castelluccio

Carl Chamberlain

Melinda Colonna

M.A. Dennehy

William Emery

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Ellie Foster

Jean Griffard

Dawn Isaacson

Adriana Kaplan

Judith Kirby

Eileen Logiudice

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Cathie Morton

Sofie Morton

Roxie Nieroda

Jacki Pecho

Jessica Pecho

Ron Petersen

Terry Pratt

Logan Redditt

Alexa Rennia

Carl Rigg

Sanna Roling

Mary Rush

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Kingsley Sawtelle

Caitlin Stark

Lisa Stevens

Sarah Stevens

Tracey Talley

Traci Tant

Dave Tewel

Bryony Urquhart

BriAnn Wassman

Kat Zink

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