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July 2, 2021
Over 1 Million Steps Taken in Second Stepping Out for America's Horses Campaign Sponsored By Fairfield Equine Associates

The EQUUS Foundation is proud to announce the results of the second Stepping Out for America's Horses Campaign, sponsored by Fairfield Equine Associates, that was held during the week of June 22-26 in association with the Fairfield County Hunt Club June Horse Show. Registrants took over 1 million steps in this grass roots effort to raise awareness and funds for horses at EQUUS Foundation Guardian charities in the Northeast.

"We were thrilled that we received such enthusiastic participation and inspired by the steppers who rallied support among family and friends to provide direct financial support for the equines they chose," said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President. It reminds us why we do the work that we do, and how much these horses really mean to people across the country."

Congratulations to María Solomou for raising the most funds, totaling $1,575, on behalf of Lila from Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue. Our thanks to Christie Muldoon, who raised $655 for Tito from Sunshine Horses Inc., and Carly Hanson, who raised $600 in support of Blue from New Canaan Mounted Troop, Inc. The equines who will receive direct financial support for their care thanks to their steppers include:
Blue (Carly Hanson)
Blue (Sara Tucker)
Caarisma (Candice Sciarrillo)
Lila (Natalie Jackson)
Lila (María Solomou)
Luke (Miles Vincent)
Minnie (Melanie Dominko-Richards)
Minnie (Louisa Bartok)
Morning Glory (Tracy Pa)
Nugget (Stephanie Kodweis)
Patrick (Peter Lutz )
Tango (Kelly Hitt)
Thomas (Jennifer Post)
Thunder (Megan Cordon)
Tito (Christie Muldoon)
Tito (Mary Minkoff)

View the campaign results here
Stay Tuned for our next Stepping Out Campaign!

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