Winners Circle

Our Winners Circle recognizes individuals and organizations who generously support the goals and mission of the EQUUS Foundation and also our Corporate Partners.



Gore Family Memorial Foundation

Cheryl Olsten & Lafitte De Muze

Otis Booth Foundation



The Emma & Georgina Bloomberg Foundation

Georgina Bloomberg

Mr. & Mrs. Richard Bondy

Dr. Terri Champney

Natalie Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mashburn

Newstead Foundation

The Richard Laurence Parish Foundation

Sophie Stenbeck

Bill Woodson



The Adikes Family Foundation

Tom & Eileen Beauregard Giving Fund

Jenny Belknap & Tim Kees

The Coakley Family

Phyllis Collins

The Estee Lauder Companies

Jane Henderson

Dr. & Mrs. Steven Herman

Kay Family Foundation

The Lignelli Family

Lannie Lipson

Serena Marron

Jacqueline McKeon

Caroline A. Moran

Robin Parsky

Caryl Philips and Frank Zeiss



Dr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Abbatiello

Treg Manning & AIRBUS PAC

Animal Charities of America

Brooke USA

William R. Harris Jr.

Agatha Lignelli

Alexa Lignelli

Treg Manning

Ellen R. Pearl

Laure Sudreau

Melissa & Samantha Wight



Mary & Michael Carpenter

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Cornell


Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Grove

Karen Handler

Louisburg Farm

Judie Klapholz Family Foundation

Cynthia Linsenbardt

Diane Lippert

Jonathan McCann

Rosalind Schaefer

Richard Schechter

Dana Schwartz

The Walker Family

Ziegler Family Foundation