Horse Rescue, Relief & Retirement Fund, Inc./Save the Horses

Horse Rescue, Relief & Retirement Fund, Inc./Save the Horses
1768 Newt Green Road

EIN: 58-2479748
Founded: 1998
Last Updated 2017-04-13

Public Charity

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Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
To improve the quality of life for all horses, thereby improving the lives of people through their bond, care and contact with horses. Save the Horses was created to address the urgent need for rescue services & equine public education. We are committed to the rescue & rehabilitation of equines suffering from abuse as well as the successful retirement of working equines. We strive to improve public awareness & knowledge about the standards of care necessary to insure the health & safety of all equines. Save the Horses also offers programs that bring at-risk children and adults together with horses for the mutual healing of trauma and abuse.

Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Horse Welfare

Our organization operates programs involved with horse rescue, foster care, rehabilitation, adoption and/or retirement.

Our organization's primary activity is equine rescue, adoption & retirement.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care and shelter of horses.

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