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Paws Ranch Equine Rescue, Inc.

EIN: 27-1964906
Founded: 2010
Paws Ranch Equine Rescue, Inc.
158 Paws Ranch Rd
Bostic NC 28018

Physical Address:
330 Walls Church Rd
Bostic,NC 28018

Last Updated 2015-03-19

Public Charity

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Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
PRERI\'s mission is to provide a protection for unwanted, abused, abandoned, neglected,disabled and aged horses who are without alternatives for their care, while providing compassion and responsibility,shelter and wellbeing for horses through education, outreach, and intervention.

Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Horse Welfare

Our organization operates programs involved with horse rescue, foster care, rehabilitation, adoption and/or retirement.

Our organization operates programs involved with providing equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) using certified instructors for individuals with special needs.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care and shelter of horses.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Needed All Ages
Minimum Age: 12
Someone who had 3 hours of volunteer time could

Help horses in need. Help make a difference.
Enjoy the companionship of others.
Meet others who share similar interests.
Expand your knowledge of horses and horse care.
Enhance your skills and build your resume.
Share your love animals.
Earn community service hours needed for graduation and other school or community programs.
Volunteer because you have free time.
Be a leader working to prevent neglect and abuse of horses within your community.
Have knowledge and talents to share with others
Teach your children the value of giving and prevention of animal cruelty.

Landscape Volunteer
Minimum Age: 20
Need landscape volunteers to keep the grounds groomed. Light tree prunning and weed management. Keep the grounds mowed and free from debris.

Fundraising Volunteer
Minimum Age: 20
Meets: time per month on average; additional meetings as events approach
Meeting schedule: TBD generally on a Mon or Wed evening @ approximately 6PM
Commitment: 1 yr minimum, no maximum
Meets: Meeting locations subject to change currently meets at various restaurants
Expectations and skills:
Members of the PRERI fund raising committee are directly responsible for ideating, planning, organizing and executing fund raising events for the express purpose of raising funds to support the mission of PRERI, managing memberships, conducting membership drives and annual appeals and, in some cases, soliciting corporate sponsorships.
Members are also expected to be able and willing to attend multiple events and support the organization through their time, effort, networking connections and skills. Members will be called upon to solicit donations of money, goods or services to support PRERI donation drives, events, etc.
It is the expectation of the PRERI Board of Directors that the fundraising committee should execute two major events (Spring and Fall) for PRERI each fiscal year (July to July), one major raffle, and participate in several other smaller events, e.g., school carnivals, festivals , etc. throughout the course of the year.
Committee members should have a strong work ethic, enjoy working in and around the public and having a fun time, as well as being dependable, self motivated and reliable.
The fund raising committee has no functional direct contact with our horses, although it should be noted that events may be conducted with or around horses. Members of the fund raising committee do not need any horseback riding or horse handling experience.
It is not necessary to have any previous committee service experience, just a willingness to learn.

Grant Writer
Minimum Age: 25
PRERI volunteer Grant Writer will support leadership in creating, reviewing and delivering grants to prospective funders.
Work with team to maintain grant calendar.
Ensure all materials are on hand for grant submissions.
Write and revise grant proposal responses.
Apply strong communication skills to ensure documents are clear, concise, compliant and compelling.

Wish List Items

Alfalfa Hay, Timothy Hay, Fescue Hay or orchard mix

Maintenance Equipment
Gator or like utility verhicle

In Kind Donations
feed buckets, water buckets,horse blankets all sizes
Senior Feed
bagged shavings
Senior Feed
salt blocks
mineral blocks
horse treats
cat food (for the barn cats!)
Cocosoya oil
vetrap bandages
rubber buckets
Cowboy Magic detangler
Swat fly ointment
Endure fly spray
Pyranha Wipe 'N Spray
fly masks
hoof picks
curry combs
soft brushes
stiff brushes
horse clippers
hoof nippers
hoof rasp
salt blocks
mineral blocks
hoof trimming knife
hoof testers
duct tape


Bute paste
Bute tablets
Betadine antiseptic
Neo-poly-bac eye ointment
Terramycin eye ointment
Desitin barrier cream
M-T-G Skincare Solution
Fura-zone ointment
Microtek spray
Probios oral gel
Epsom salt
Ichthammol drawing salve
Rabies vaccine
West Nile vaccine
EWT vaccine
Rhino/flu vaccine
Zermectin gold
Ivermectin de-wormer
Quest Plus de-wormer
Panacur de-wormer


copier paper
small address labels
glossy, tri-fold brochure paper (laser)
Pre-paid flat rate boxes/envelopes
photo paper (laser)
rolling desk chairs
Floor lamps
conference table (6’ – 8’) and chairs
file cabinets
Equine magazine subscriptions (for vocational program)
Educational horsecare books