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America's Horses
Need Our Protection!


Hope Reins

EIN: 56-2607182
Founded: 2007
Hope Reins
P.O. Box 5000
Bean Station TN 37708
Last Updated 2013-05-02

Public Charity

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Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Horse Welfare

Our organization operates programs involved with horse rescue, foster care, rehabilitation, adoption and/or retirement.

Our organization operates programs involved with providing equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) using certified instructors for individuals with special needs.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care and shelter of horses.

Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Hope Reins is a place of refuge for horses rescued from abuse, neglect or abandonment, while helping people take life by the reins to bring about hope, healing and change.

Volunteer Opportunities

Minimum Age: 18
We will work with colleges to provide internship opportunities to students based upon their level of skills and commitment.

Minimum Age: 15
This volunteer opportunity is reserved for our Junior Volunteers. Those youth involved in this program will work toward becoming a “mentor” to another young volunteer. These younger volunteers will be able to follow our Junior Volunteers during their time here. Each Junior Volunteer will be expected to teach the new volunteer about the skills they have learned, and work together to apply them to ranch tasks. The length of these “mentoring” experiences will be dependent upon what the individual Junior Volunteer is ready for.

Session Instructor
Minimum Age: 18
Though this role is reserved for those we know well and have the time to train, it is a long term goal for many of our volunteers. This volunteer would be scheduled, just as our staff are, to work with ranch children and horses in a one-to-one capacity.

Minimum Age: 18
Teaches short (10-20 min) informal classes to children and other volunteers regarding subjects they have mastered themselves. Subjects ideas may include: gardening, power-tool safety, auto mechanic basics, equine wound binding, etc. There are many possibilities. It is our goal to teach our children skills that will help them with success in life and there are many skills that can be easily taught that empower them in this way.

Professional Assistance
Minimum Age: 20
Often the ranch is in need of the special skills a professional brings. Below is a general list of needed professional skill sets we could easily utilize. Please contact us if you are a professional in any of these areas and would like to help the ranch out. If your profession is not listed, but you would like to offer your services anyway, let us know and we will contact you as applicable needs come up.

• Electrician
• Finish Carpenter
• General Carpentry
• Veterinarian
• Lawyer
• Catering
• Website Manager/Creator

Hay Team
Minimum Age: 15
Helps us get hay out of the field and into our barns. This volunteer is willing to be called on short notice to come and help us get hay out of the field. Many local farmers donate their hay to us if we will just come and get it. Our "hay team" is the only reason we can respond and supply our barns and horses with food for the season.

Memory Maker
Minimum Age: 15
Captures memories of ranch activities through film. This person may simply use their eye to capture still pictures for use in ranch publications or even put together a year book of pictures he/she has taken. If you love photography and/or scrapbooking, but have run out of subjects, the ranch may be a good place for some fresh inspiration.

Green Thumb
Minimum Age: 15
Uses skills to maintain ranch plants keeping them in top shape. This job could include tree pruning, weeding, weed-wacking, mowing, flower planting, watering, deadheading, bug spraying, fruit harvesting, etc.

Artisan - Makes Things Beautiful
Minimum Age: 15
This person uses his/her skills to dream up, construct, and/or maintain ranch art.

Musician - Helps "set The Mood" Of The Ranch
Minimum Age: 15
Uses songs with a positive message to share both a loving heart and musical skill. May use any of a wide variety of instruments to share in song or even teach lessons.

Energy Booster
Minimum Age: 15
We are blessed by those who make sure everyone is well fed and watered. This volunteer may simply take water to parched-looking ranch hands or may be a cook who likes to bring tasty treats to feed the kids, volunteers, staff and horses.

Fund Raiser
Minimum Age: 18
This volunteer may be mostly active away from the ranch. Fundraising is a vital part of the ranch’s survival as we do not charge a fee to any child or family to attend. We do pursue grants to sponsor children’s visits to the ranch; however, and depend greatly upon community and individual support.

Power House- Our "Work-Horse"
Minimum Age: 15
For those who like to get out and get moving, the ranch is always full of muscle-building jobs. Work may include bucking hay, building/fixing fences, repairing buildings, pruning trees, moving rocks, spreading wood shavings, etc.

Playpal - Encourages Kids To Be Kids
Minimum Age: 18
There is never a shortage of kids on the ranch, and this playful volunteer will serve by simply playing with them! Catching lizards, playing on the swings, games on the lawn or even coming up with his/her own ideas of crazy games for our young friends. Creativity is encouraged!

Wish List Items

Stall Supplies
Shavings, Jolly Ball.

Gift cards to local feed and farm stores, gift cards to local western stores, gift cards to local stores for special events such as child's birthday, special celebration, snacks for after-school program, craft supplies, etc.

Tools And Equipment
Wheelbarrow, rakes, pitchforks, shovels, tractor, garden tools, John Deer Gator or similar item w/dump bed

Vet Supplies
Bandages, wound treatments, wraps, fly sprays.

Fun Stuff
Cowboy/cowgirl hats for ages 6-17, work and riding boots, craft materials, scrapbooks, scrapbooking supplies, gift cards for photo printing.

Feed And Feed Supplies
Good quality hay, grains, senior feeds, feed supplements, mineral and salt blocks, treats, buckets.

Tack And Grooming Supplies
Helmets, saddles, children's saddles, saddle pads, bridles, blankets, brushes, combs, shampoos, detanglers/conditioners, saddle soap or cleaner, halters, lead ropes.