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Healing Horses & Armed Forces

EIN: 45-4030281
Founded: 2012
Healing Horses & Armed Forces
27501 Cumberland Road
Tehachapi CA 93561
Last Updated 2015-07-28

Public Charity

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Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Healing Horses & Armed Forces is a non-profit organization created for veterans, service members and their families that utilizes the human, equine connection for the purpose of improving the quality of life after service to our country.

Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Public Service

Our organization operates programs involved with horse rescue, foster care, rehabilitation, adoption and/or retirement.

Our organization operates programs involved with providing equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) using certified instructors for individuals with special needs.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care and shelter of horses.

Volunteer Opportunities

Grounds Keeper
Minimum Age: 18
We can always use a hand in keeping the grounds weeded trimmed, tidy, cleaning stalls, brushing horses, and feeding.

Grant Writers Wanted
Minimum Age: 18
A non profit needs someone who can look for grants and knows how to write them on a regular basis. We offer free programs, but our horses still need to eat. In addition, grants and sponsorships help us with other costs necessary to running and sustaining a business. Experienced only!

Wish List Items

Quick Series Books Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
This is a small pocket sized book that gives veterans immediate information when they are finding life too hard to deal with. It explains everything you need to know about PTSD

Quick Series Books Military Sexual Trauma.
52% of women and 1% of men who are fighting for our country are raped by rank. This is a small, pocket sized book that explains what to do when a veterans is feeling upset about what happened when they where serving our country. A survival guide. I would like to give both books out for free to the veterans who participate at our programs.