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Lauren and Ginger
"I finally had a purpose, as did she."

Hoofin' It for Horse and Human Healing

Lauren struggled as a child and young adult to find normality in a twice-divorced family, a constant clash with her siblings, and a terrible loneliness. A "throw away" horse, whose function as a brood mare was over, changed the direction of her life.

Nate, serving in the Marine Corps for nine years, experienced the detrimental effects of war and military life, and discovered how horses are improving Veterans' lives.

Lauren and Nathan used their own funds and resources to support themselves along the trail. 100% of the donations raised in connection to this adventure were used for Horse and Human Healing! You can continue to support Lauren and Nate's charitable adventure to make the world a better place for horses. Click here to contact us.

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News Releases


2014-10-02 - Appalachian Trail Hikers Cross the Finish Line

2014-09-19 - Appalachian Trail Hikers Visit Maine Charity on Last Leg of their Journey

2014-08-19 - Appalachian Trail Hikers Part Company to Visit Two Equine Charities

2014-07-15 - Appalachian Trail Hikers Visit Equine Charity and Reach Half Way Marker at Harpers Ferry

2014-04-09 - Appalachian Trail Hikers Reach the Top of Springer Mountain

2014-02-24 - Appalachian Trail Hikers Rally for the EQUUS Foundation to launch "Charitable Adventures" Program