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Samantha "Sam" Calzone
Memorial Award
Envisioning an America where every horse is valued

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The EQUUS Foundation is honored to pay tribute to the life of Samantha Calzone and her everlasting passion for horses through the establishment of the Samantha "Sam" Calzone Memorial Award.

The award will recognize an institution of higher learning offering equine studies and/or equine athletics programs that ensures that the quality of life of its equine partners is paramount. Preference will be given to institutions of higher learning that offer both equine studies and collegiate athletic activities.

The recipient will receive a $2,500 grant from the EQUUS Foundation to be used to specifically underwrite horse care costs such as veterinary, dental, and farrier care, horse feed, supplements, bedding, horse gear, equipment, and supplies as well as alternative treatments and interventions or to assist in re-homing horses when they are no longer able to participate in the institution's equine studies and/or intercollegiate athletic activities.

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Samantha Calzone

On Sept. 16, 2019, Samantha Marie Pritchard Calzone passed away doing what she loved most in this life: riding horses.

Samantha was born in Redding, Connecticut, where her passion for horses blossomed throughout elementary and middle school. In 2014, Samantha was accepted into the Animal Science program at University of Connecticut and, of course, joined their equestrian team. She was elected and served as Captain for two years and was adored as a kind, talented mentor for her teammates.

Samantha also volunteered two of her spring breaks in Mississippi and Florida, where she helped with hurricane relief projects. Samantha graduated magna cum laude from UConn in June 2018.

Ever chasing her passion, Samantha then enrolled at Hartpury University in England to complete her Masters Degree in Equine Science with a focus on rehabilitation.

When she returned stateside in July of 2019, happy to be reunited with her family and boyfriend Michael, she accepted a position at Takoda Farm. It was there, where we lost this promising, passionate and dedicated horsewoman.

The Samantha "Sam" Calzone Memorial Award was established in honor of Samantha and those who deeply loved her as an inspiration to future generations of horsemen and horsewomen.

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