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Please feel free to use our online form here or
download the form here.


The EQUUS Foundation will recognize auction donors at the event on the event signage and in the event program. Auction donors are recognized on the website, including a link to the donor's website. Please list how you wish your donation to be recognized and provide your website address if available.

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If you are submitting more than one item, enter the organization name exactly the same each time.



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*Name of Item 

Note: Please use a DISTINCTIVE name for each item you submit. Do not use the same name more than once.

Photo of Item

Choose the photo to upload for the online catalog:

*Item Retail Value      Item Minimum   

Note: An item cannot be accepted if the the minimum bid is set at more than 60% of the retail value of the item. If the Minimum Bid is left blank, the EQUUS Foundation will establish the minimim bid on your behalf.

If you will be donating more than one of this item, indicate the number you will be donating: 


Please provide a complete description of the item.


Please include any and all restrictions that may have an impact on a bidder's decision to purchase the item. If there are no restrictions, enter "None".


Please provide the necessary contact information and arrangements to be provided to the winning bidder. If not applicable, indicate "Not Applicable".


If you have any questions or additional instructions, please provide them below.

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