2020 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Monty
Birth Year: 1987. Gender: Gelding. Breed: Rocky Mountain Trail Horse.
Affiliated with Drifter's Hearts of Hope

Monty’s story begins with sadness, but that is far from where it ends. Monty came to Drifter’s Hearts of Hope underweight, lame, and unwanted. He was rehabilitated over the course of several months and then evaluated under saddle, and was found to be a well-broke horse, albeit not completely sound and in his late 20s.

He was made available for adoption but Mr. Monty had not yet found his adopter, though he had charmed the majority of the Drifter’s volunteers. He began helping out around the rescue in other capacities: participating in events, helping wean the little ones from their mamas, and being the go-to demonstration horse for horsemanship clinics. Monty made a name for himself around the rescue as a gentleman, and a gentleman he has always proven to be.

He didn’t just stop at helping around the barn a bit, he decided to make a transformational impact. Monty promoted himself, with the help of some passionate volunteers, from an adoptable horse to the Drifter’s Hearts of Hope mascot. Through this role, he worked with numerous special needs children and empowered them to put on his halter, walk him to the cross-ties, and groom him. He showed them kindness, respect, and true appreciation for their work. He made them feel needed, wanted, and loved.

Why stop at just being the mascot though? Monty gave special needs children the opportunity to ride in gymkhanas, on trail rides, and through open fields. When a key part of the rescue family, Patrick, passed away at age 16, Monty carried his boots at a local event. For a wheel-chair bound child, Monty was her ability to walk, and for Bella, a founding member of the rescue, Monty was her strength. When asked to describe what Monty meant to her, Bella said, “Monty is an amazing horse. He has taught me how kind a creature can be. He taught me how strong I can be. I love everything about Monty! Love, Bella” Bella, who has cerebral palsy, did not have horse experience prior to joining the rescue in 2014, and now feels confident grooming Mr. Monty all by herself.

Monty, at the ripe age of 33, knows that he will always have a home, a career, and a ton of love at DHOH. To the dozens of volunteers, special needs children, and community members, Monty is a symbol of what Drifter’s Hearts of Hope stands for: a second chance, kindness, generosity, and the power of a good grooming and an even better hug. Monty has and continues to make a difference, and Platinum Performance products will allow him to keep doing so. Products like the Platinum Performance CJ supplement will help him stay comfortable and happy, as he provides the same feelings to the rest of the community. Monty, and the whole team here at Drifter’s, thanks you for your consideration of our mascot and role model!

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
I am a board member and volunteer at Drifter’s Hearts of Hope, where Monty is the rescue’s mascot. I met him two years ago when I began volunteering at the rescue, and have seen first-hand the wonderful impact he’s had on volunteers, children with special needs, and the general public. -- Colleen O'Hara Fitzpatrick

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