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Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Artie
Birth Year: 2000. Gender: Gelding. Breed: Thoroughbred.
Affiliated with Gerda's Equine Rescue, Inc. .

Artie came to us from killpen as a very sick OTTTB. When he arrives he was covered in bite and kick marks from other horses and had very labored breathing. We made an emergency vet call that night to see if there was any way we could get Artie through the night until we could get him to TUFTS large animal hospital in the morning where he could receive necessary medical care. The vet diagnosed him with pneumonia and said we would be lucky if he made it through the night. But Artie had different plans, he hadn't been rescued from auction only to pass in the night so he fought and made it through to the morning. Our donors also saw the fight he had in his poor sad eyes and raised the $5000 overnight for the money we would need to get him back on his feet! The next morning we brought Artie to TUFTS where he slowly started getting better over the week he was there. His friendly loving personality began showing as he was feeling better and he was so happy to finally get back to the farm where he could be around other horses again. Artie's road to recover will be a long one before he's ready for adoption. Our biggest concern now is putting weight back on him. He could really benefit form a Healthy Weight supplement added to his meal plan. Artie is the lover boy of the barn sticking his head out to great and get some love from anyone who walks by his stall. I've attached a picture of him with a group of kids that visited the rescue on a field trip. Most horses would be totally overwhelmed by 6 kids trying to pet them at once but not Artie. He was such a ham and just soaked up all of the attention they could give him.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
I am a volunteer for Gerda's Equine Rescue and am nominating Artie to receive the Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Aware. I met Artie when he arrived at GER from killpen and have been visiting with him every week since his arrival. -- Danielle Brown