2019 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Awards

Birth Year: 1992. Gender: Mare. Breed: Thoroughbred.
Affiliated with Great and Small

Laucha is a horse of many talents. She began life as a polo pony, where she learned excellent manners and was thoroughly desensitized. When she finished her polo career, Laucha was sold to a teenager who evented, trail rode, and did all the things teens should do with horses. As her owner graduated from college and entered the workforce, she discovered she had less time to spend with Laucha and realized that therapeutic riding could be a good fit for her sweet, level-headed mare.

Laucha came to Great and Small in May of 2016, where she quickly settled in and became a favorite in the barn thanks to her snuggly personality and sweet face. Laucha is one of our most versatile horses. At 15 hands, she is tall enough for adult riders and small enough for the tiniest children. Her forward, rhythmic walk provides plenty of sensory input for patients receiving therapy services incorporating hippotherapy, and she’s always game for a trot in therapeutic riding lessons. Laucha’s neck-reining training from her polo days is a fun new skill to learn that none of the other Great and Small horses can teach. Laucha also excels in unmounted activities, participating in both equine-assisted learning and equine-facilitated psychotherapy. She has superb ground manners and is a patient teacher for both volunteers and participants learning to groom, tack, and lead her. She is so careful, tiptoeing around nervous people to make sure they build confidence. Laucha excels in every facet of our program, and we are so grateful that her owner, Stephanie, chose to share her with us.

At 27 years young, Laucha is just starting to show her age. We have had excellent results from Platinum Performance products in the past, and I’m sure Laucha’s joints, skin, and topline would benefit from the Platinum magic to keep her at the top of her game in her golden years. Such an amazing horse deserves nothing less than the best!

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
I am the executive director and barn manager at Great and Small, where Laucha has been a therapy horse for the past three years. -- Rachel Neff

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