2020 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Awards

Birth Year: 2004. Gender: Gelding. Breed: Quarter Horse.
Affiliated with Right Step, Inc.

Two different vets have described FredBob as a "giant golden retriever". His personality is as sunny as his golden coat. He makes a perfect therapeutic riding and equine assisted learning horse as he is gentle, kind, unflappable, and truly interested in people. He especially loves small children and they love him right back! Put him in a halter and lead rope and he walks and trots slowly with his riders with disabilities. Put him in his bridle with an experienced rider and he has all the buttons from his hunter/jumper show horse training.

One reason why FredBob came to The Right Step, Inc. was that his Headshaking Syndrome is not ideal for the show ring. It's triggered by sunlight and strenuous exercise. We managed it with fly masks and nose nets. For us, his head shaking rarely shows up when FredBob is ridden in a halter by his therapeutic riding clients who mainly walk with only a small amount of trotting. However, with his experienced riders who ride to help keep him fit, the head shaking worsened...until we found Platinum Steady a little over a month ago. This supplement has made a huge difference in reducing FredBob's head shaking during his exercise rides resulting in both him and his riders being much more comfortable. All of our horses already receive Platinum Performance daily and we see the benefit to their health in their shiny coats. The extra support for Platinum Steady for FredBob would be amazing in keeping him and his riders more comfortable and happy. Thank you for your consideration.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
FredBob is care leased by The Right Step, Inc. He is owned by a client of the hunter/jumper trainer where we keep my daughter's horse. When his owner was ready to move up to a higher level show horse, FredBob came to us at The Right Step, Inc. -- Christine D. Remy

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