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Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Breeze
Birth Year: 2010. Gender: Mare. Breed: Gypsy Vanner.
Affiliated with G.A.I.T. Inc. .

Breeze arrived to GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center with a chronic skin condition, which had been treated with various products. This spring, her condition worsened despite staff's best attempts to alleviate her symptoms. She suffered severe hair loss and sores due to constant itching and rubbing. Due to the severity of Breeze's condition, we are unable to continue her training or to use her in any programs. Staff are also concerned that the constant stress and discomfort have had a significant negative impact on her quality of life.

Breeze turns heads with her eye catching beauty, strong stature and blue eyes, but it is her gentle and adaptable nature that draws people to her. Exceedingly patient and willing to please, she loves to share a cuddle or enjoy a head rub during quiet moments with children and adults.

Breeze was donated to GAIT TRC through the Lexlin Gypsy Ranch Facebook contest. Thanks to overwhelming support from our local community, GAIT TRC won 2nd place (out of 80 participating PATH centers) with 26,272 votes. Lexlin Ranch described Breeze, a registered Gypsy Vanner, as "forward moving and eager to work." As one of only two horses that had received basic training under saddle, her experience on the trail and in the arena, participating in leadership programs and maturity made her the perfect pick for GAIT.

She has proven to be calm, easy to train, and stands quietly for grooming, farrier, and veterinarian. Her small yet stocky build and rhythmic gaits promote equilateral movement for GAIT's riders with physical and cognitive challenges. Breeze has been most important to GAIT's Veteran and First Responder program for grooming and groundwork as she bonds easily with participants, giving them emotional support.

GAIT TRC is a small nonprofit with limited funds, and a herd of 10 (mostly elderly) horses to care for. GAIT's horses are the heart of the program, and deserve the absolute best care for the important work that they do. Staff has diligently tried to treat Breeze's skin condition with little to no success. Research led us to the Platinum Skin and Allergy supplement, which appears to be just what Breeze needs. Our hope is that this product will finally provide Breeze with effective relief and restore her coat to its former luster. The Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award would help us to provide this essential remedial care.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Breeze was donated to GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center through the Lexlin Gypsy Ranch Facebook contest. As a staff member I assisted with her training. -- Diana Faye Moldovan