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Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Chance
Birth Year: 1995. Gender: Gelding. Breed: Quarter Horse.
Affiliated with Exceptional Equestrians of the Missouri Valley, Inc. .

I am nominating Chance for this award because everyday he makes a difference in the lives of his riders. Chance has been a therapy horse at Exceptional Equestrians for nearly 2 years. Before that, Chance was a trail horse and provided lessons to students at Missouri State University. He is a 23 year old Quarter Horse.
Since he has come to EE, Chance has worked with a wide variety of individuals. His clients are individuals with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Regardless of his rider's ability, he is steady and honest. Chance has a smooth and balanced trot that is easy for any rider to sit or post. His canter is even and collected, and perfect for a beginner. He is easy to lead and a great size for sidewalkers to walk alongside. His narrow build makes him ideal for participants who have tight muscles and are unbalanced.
Chance works with summer campers, therapuetic riding clients and in our licensed Physical Therapy Program. He does slow walking lessons with for a teenage who is blind and has Down Syndrome. He's helping a young girl with Autism master small jumps and canter transitions. Chance has allowed a young adult with ADHD to build independence by providing a safe and steady trot to post without a leader.
Most recently, Chance has made an amazing difference in the life of a young girl in our Licensed Physical Therapy program. This client was just 2 years old when she began with us and requires a very narrow horse with smooth and steady movement. We had to retire the pony she was riding, and were unsure if we had a horse to continue her therapy. She didn't handle change well, and was very nervous about other hroses. We decided to try Chance due to his size and shape. He was perfect! He stands patiently while the Physical Therapist positions the young girl in different places on his back. His steady gaits have helped her to build core strength and balance. His quiet personality encouraged her to build confidence and trust, so that she proudly rode in front of a group at a recent demonstration!
While Chance does fantastic work for us, his increasing age has caused him to have some challenges. He has developed arthritis which sometimes causes him to be unsound and unable to work. His teeth have decayed extensively, to the point where he is almost completely unable to eat hay. We have a variety of systems in place to keep him comfortable and conditioned, but I believe Platinum Performance products could significantly increase his quality of live, and prolong the time he is able to provide his special services to our exceptional clients.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Chance is a therapy horse at Exceptional Equestrians of the Missouri Valley, Inc.(EE), where I am the Administrative Manager and an Instructor. Chance came to EE in October of 2016, with his 2 pasture mates, who are Norweigan Fjords. Chance has a long history of helping people, from being a steady trail horse to being a lesson horse at Missouri State University. -- Lindsay Mohr