2019 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Sunny
Birth Year: 2000. Gender: Gelding. Breed: Appaloosa.
Affiliated with Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy, Inc.

Sunny has been a dedicated herd member at Pegasus TRA for the last 7 years. As a previous reiner, he never had any experience working around people with disabilities. However, since joining our herd is genuinely interested in engaging with all the riders and volunteers he meets. Sunny tends to be labeled as the barn goofball, but when working with our riders this personality enables him to draw out the shy riders and make them feel comfortable, as well as allow them to build personal relationships. Sunny will not only slowly walk around with riders in therapy pads working on balance and core strength, but can also be ridden independently for riders working on advanced horse show skills.

As typical of most senior previous reining horses, Sunny suffers from several soreness conditions. He has a previous hip injury that can cause stiffness and soreness. Sunny also has struggled with ulcers over the years. Platinum Performance products for senior horses with extra joint and digestive support would increase his daily comfort and provide for future longevity in our program.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Executive Director emeritus of Pegasus Therapeutic Riding Academy, the owner of the horse. I have known Sunny since he came to our program in 2012, when I was Executive Director. -- Barbara Wertheimer

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