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Nickname: T
Birth Year: 1995. Gender: Gelding. Breed: Percheron.
Affiliated with Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue .

Imagine being put in a pasture and left to die.

Your legs too sore to walk from years of work.

Your spirit broken.

This is the story of Titan, who was 450 pounds underweight and barely able to walk because of arthritis when we came to Roanchar Ranch. After spending years working faithfully as a carriage horse in North Carolina, his owners let him down when he needed them most.

Vulnerable, Titan was looking for comfort from his aching body that was breaking down from years of service. Instead, his owners left him in a pasture with no grass, hay or water.

Titan had served his purpose. His owners were unwilling to care for him if he was unable to make them money.

Today, Titan is thriving. The gentle, loving grey Percheron is the eyes for Barney, a blind Belgian at the rescue. Daily you can watch as Titan patiently leads Barney on new adventures. The bond between the two is truly amazing to watch.

When Titan isn't helping Barney, he comforts at-risk youth during the rescue’s monthly summer program. Because of his laid back personality, Titan is the perfect sounding board. He quietly stands as the children groom him and instinctually knows who needs to be nuzzled.

While Titan's worst days are behind him, he still does feel the effects of being a working horse. The long days in the sun have contributed to his melanomas and the long hours have contributed to his arthritis and propensity for abscesses.

Through it all, Titan proves every day that he is not a throwaway horse, but a one in a million horse that we are grateful to have the privilege of caring for.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
I am the founder/president of the rescue and Titan's caretaker. -- Lida Beth Mosovich