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Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

Birth Year: 1999. Gender: Mare. Breed: Quarterhorse.
Affiliated with Maryland Horse Rescue .

Bred, raised, and retired from the Texas Prison system, Star ended up spending the first part of her retirement eating bark off of trees to survive the horrifying conditions of the self-proclaimed "animal sanctuary" in Canton, Texas. This mare has had a hard life which is clearly visible in the multiple brands burned into her as well as the saddle burn markings from being ridden by prison guards six days a week for eight or more hours a day. Instead of finding sanctuary in retiring from life as a prison horse, Star found herself struggling to survive and competing for food against the other 70 horses involved in the hoarding situation in Texas (https://www.fredericknewspost.com/news/economy_and_business/agriculture/blind-horse-from-texas-finds-sanctuary-at-mount-airy-horse/article_5fcd3293-e212-539d-8ddf-1dedac56fec5.html).

Rated at a one on the Henneke scale by the ASPCA when rescued, Star has since been transported 1,300 miles with her companion, Rusty. After gaining more than 100 pounds while in the care of the Maryland Horse Rescue, Star has achieved a four to five rating. We classify Star as a hard keeper given her years of hard work and her past starvation. We believe that with products like Platinum Performance® CJ: The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint and/or Platinum Performance® Equine: The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula, we can help this senior maintain the weight she has fought so hard to gain back.

Despite the abuse and neglect Star faced, she is amazing! At some point in her life a veterinarian deemed it necessary to perform a tracheotomy. To avoid infection, the tracheotomy site requires daily cleaning which Star tolerates with calm perseverance. Star serves as a constant, calming companion for her blind partner, Rusty, who was rescued from the same hoarder situation. While comforting Rusty, Star still manages to be playful with our volunteers, and loving to the children who frequent our farm. Blind, deaf, and other disabled persons visit our farm to spend time with horses like Star, drawing strength from her persevering spirit and energy. As a disabled veteran, I look at Star's battle scars and see a kindred spirit. A nuzzle from her reminds me that no matter the atrocities we faced, we made it out the other side and found each other. It is our duty and responsibility to ensure that Star can enjoy her well fought for retirement in the best environment with the best care and the best products to ensure her health and longevity.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
I am the grant writer as well as a volunteer at the Maryland Horse Rescue, which recently rescued Star from an abusively neglectful situation in Texas. -- Rachael Walsh