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Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Big Jo
Birth Year: 2001. Gender: Mare. Breed: Mammoth Mule.
Affiliated with Begin Again Horse Rescue Inc .

I am nominating Jolene because she deserves to live a pain free, healthy life, loved by our Rescue family. On May 14, 2016 Jolene, a 17 hand mammoth molly mule, was pulled from the kill pen at the Fingerlakes Livestock auction by Begin Again Horse Rescue in Lima, New York. We have no information or history about her. She is a very gentle and curious girl with a kind sort of dignity that we just could not walk away from!

Upon veterinary evaluation, we found that, besides being malnourished and caked with dried manure, she had severe cases of canker and thrush, and had been foundered in the past. She was in pain, so standing upright was hard for her. We transported her to Cornell for further evaluation and treatment. Her prognosis was guarded, but our volunteers were determined to get her well. Under anesthesia, her hooves were trimmed and the canker removed. This surgery was repeated two more times over a period of about 8 months. Volunteers provided daily soakings and bandaging. Her vet bills totaled about $5000. The money for these treatments was raised through donations and a grant from the Doris Day Foundation. Jolene healed. She still gets frequent hoof abscesses, which volunteers treat. In between these abscesses, she frolics around like a young filly. We feel that Platinum Performances can help her heal further. Jolene definitely deserves the chance at a normal, pain-free life. The veterinarians at Cornell were amazed at her progress. Her full recovery, according to the Cornell staff, is now a real possibility and Jolene is on that road.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
I am the Executive Director of Begin Again Horse Rescue where Jolene has been a resident since she was rescued from the kill pen at the Canandaigua Livestock Auction in 2016. Besides being malnourished, she had severe hoof problems. I have been with her throughout all the treatments she stoically went, and continues to go through. Although she still needs regular farrier work and access treatments, I have watched her blossom into the happy gentle giant that she is today. I could not love an animal more. -- Harriett Rubins