2019 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Jade
Birth Year: 2014. Gender: Gelding. Breed: POA Pony.
Affiliated with Gerda's Equine Rescue, Inc.

When describing Jade the first thing that comes to my mind is a gentle, sweet goofball. Jade arrives at GER 2 years ago with his mother Pearl. Upon arrival we noticed that they both had something off with their hind legs---we later learned their issues were caused by a severe vitamin E deficiency.

We had several vets come look at the two to try and figure out a way to help them and all gave the same report---they should be euthanized because their vitamin E deficiency was so severe that their balance was so unpredictable that they could fall on a handler without notice if their legs gave out. After getting to know these two and their sweet puppy dog personalities we knew that they were not ready for that step yet and deserved every possible chance we could give them enjoy the long and happy life they so deserved.

And we're so happy that we didn't because after several months of a lot of Vitamin E supplements their levels started to increase and their balance issues disappeared! Since then Pearl has found a wonderful home and Jade is still waiting to find his perfect person. He is a wonderful trail horse and all around friend to all of the horses and visitors of the rescue...no one can resist his mustache and goofy personality!

Jade will need to be on supplements for the rest of his life and winning the Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award would mean the world to him. Supplements truly saved his life and gave him a second chance to live a long and healthy life!

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
I am a volunteer at Gerda's Equine Rescue and have know Jade since his arrival at GER 2 years ago. -- Danielle Brown

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