2019 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Jenko
Birth Year: 2012. Gender: Gelding. Breed: American Quarter Horse.
Affiliated with Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals

Despite Jenko’s extremely poor physical condition, his lively and competitive four-year-old personality was always evident. At the time of his removal from a criminally neglectful owner, Jenko was extremely malnourished, dehydrated, infested with internal and external parasites, and needed extensive attention to his hooves and teeth. With a careful re-feeding program and many services from vet and farrier, including high-quality supplements from Platinum Performance®, such as Platinum Stamina, Jenko was quickly restored to peak vitality. His athleticism and sense of humor, together with a great work ethic, ensure he will prosper as a performance horse. He is an award-winning dressage horse and versatile enough to pursue a career in gaming, team penning, or competitive trail riding as well. Given Jenko’s past deprivation, supplements provided to him must be of the highest quality and proven efficacy. Platinum Performance® products have exceeded our expectations here at the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, New England’s premier horse shelter.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
As the Chief Executive Officer of the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals, a nonprofit horse shelter, I am personally acquainted with every horse who comes through the barn doors. Jenko, a red dun gelding, was one of nine starving horses brought to the shelter in summer of 2016. I know Jenko well, have photographed him extensively, and have even sat in his saddle. -- Meris J. Bickford

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