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Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Beau
Birth Year: 1993. Gender: Gelding. Breed: Thoroughbred.
Affiliated with Saving Horses, Inc .

This horse was dumped onto a kill buyers feedlot in 2008 at the age of 15. Research told me he had 84 starts on the track as a racehorse, and he had been raced until age 9. He was still only track broke and I rehabilitated this horse and he did basic dressage and trail for a few years while in the care of the rescue. I was wary about adopting this horse to someone who would over ride him, so I promised I would take care of him for the remaining duration of his life. He is a very spirited horse, a lot of horse to ride, but honest, kind and fun. He is a warrior. In recent years he has been an integral part of our Equine Assisted Therapy Program, forming bonds with the women survivors from the Sex Trafficking Industry and helping them heal. He is a favorite with all of our volunteers. He has a leadership quality about him, he considers himself the herd leader. He still loves his daily exercise and loves his afternoon romps with friend Aero, a warmblood with Wobblers syndrome. They have been friends for 10 years. 2 years ago Beau was hospitalized with a chronic and serious sinus infection. His sinus cavity was scraped, to get rid of the cottage cheese like infection. Bacterial analysis revealed Ecoli, a super bug that could not be killed by an antibiotic. We treated with antibiotics for the other bacteria present, and then he developed a fungal infection which needed scraped and treated also. His treatments entailed many visits to the Equine Hospital, nasal flushes and scrapes. Anyone else would have put this horse to sleep but I was determined to keep him alive. I found the "Transpirator", which is nebulizer type machine which transports Colloidal Silver through his sinus cavity. Beau is treated 3 times a week using this method and it keeps the infection at bay. Beau will benefit from Platinum Performance to boost and keep his immune system as well as it can be. This is an amazing and deserving horse. Stoic warrior!

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
The horse belongs to Saving Horses, Inc., the rescue of which I am founder/President. I know this horse because I bailed him off a kill buyers feedlot in 2008. He has been a sanctuary/therapy horse at SHI since then. -- Audrey Diana Reynolds