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Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Samuel
Birth Year: 1998. Gender: Gelding. Breed: Belgian.
Affiliated with Draft Gratitude .

Fixing Samuel’s Feet

It all started with a FaceBook message asking if we had any room for a draft loading in a few minutes. YIKES! My response was, don’t let him ship, we will figure something out.

We raised enough money to cover his fee, coggins, health certificate and a little bit toward his hauling.

Fast forward two weeks and $1343 later.

Samuel arrived in New Hampshire on Wednesday 7/25. He met our veterinarian for the first time on Friday 7/27. During his first appointment, we clipped his feathers, discovered maggots in his coronary bands, found suspicious evidence of canker, soaked and scrubbed his hooves, and wrapped them. Holy Moly.

Samuel was started on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. This seemed simple enough until he wouldn’t eat any grain. His meds have been given with apple sauce by a dose syringe twice per day. (And yes, he finally decided that he liked his grain.)

On Monday 7/30, Samuel had his next veterinary appointment. This appointment was focused on diagnostics. Samuel’s front hooves were soaked and scrubbed again. Next, he had radiographs taken that showed significant arthritis but no concurrent laminitis.

Blood was drawn for an ACTH test that determines Cushings Disease. This is an important step because untreated Cushings can weaken the horse’s immune system.

A biopsy was taken from the coronary band on his left front leg and from the suspect canker tissue from his right front hoof.

After all that business, we re-wrapped both of his front hooves and put him back in his paddock. He was an exceptional patient, only needing slight sedation for the biopsy.

This first phase of his care was $1350 to establish a baseline and to confirm the diagnosis of Canker.

Next on his plate will be a significant procedure debriding any unhealthy canker tissue from his hooves. His front right seems to be the worst. This will be done on farm with a team of veterinarians and farriers. Samuel will require shoes with hospital plates to keep his hooves clean but accessible for after care. The procedure will be $1200-$1500.

Finally, once we are through these first two phases, the after care will begin. This will be time consuming and expensive. He will need recheck examinations, treatments, and frequent bandage changes. This could be as much as, or above $2000.

Samuel has spent his life working. He is quiet, well trained, and fantastic to work around.

When we agreed to take him in, we had no idea that we would be coming to us with such a project in tow. Nonetheless, we are grateful that he is here and are aligning all the parts of his puzzle to give him the care he deserves.

Samuel would be an ideal candidate for Platinum Performance products. His body condition needs improvement, he has arthritis, and he will be going through an invasive procedure to treat the canker in his hooves.

Please help us relieve his suffering so he can be pain free, maybe for the first time in a long time.

Thank you so much for considering Samuel! I can’t wait for him to be pain free.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Famous last words: "Don't let him ship, we fill figure out something."

As the founder of Draft Gratitude, I received a message asking if we had any room for an spry aged Belgian who was out of time.

In the short time he has been here, he has stolen many hearts. -- Rebecca J. Roy