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Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Spring
Birth Year: 2008. Gender: Mare. Breed: Percheron/QH.
Affiliated with Hearts & Horses .

pring is a member of our herd at Hearts & Horses Therapeutic Riding Center, in Loveland, CO. Before coming to Hearts & Horses, Spring was owned by one of our farriers and worked as his father’s ranch horse. After working with our program for multiple years, our farrier believed that Spring would be a great fit and in March of 2017, she joined our herd!
Spring is a 10 year old, Quarter Horse/Draft cross mare. She is patient and kind, and loves to receive extra attention from her riders and volunteers. She is curious and always shows interest in people as they pass by her stall or pasture. If you gently call her name as you walk by, she’ll let out a soft little nicker which always makes us smile.
Spring is used in many of our programs at Hearts & Horses, including Therapeutic Riding Classes, Hippotherapy Sessions, our Veteran’s Program, and our Vaulting classes. She responds instantly to verbal cues, giving her riders a sense of trust and security. Spring is ridden both english and western in our program, depending on each rider’s specific needs and goals. Her calm nature, and well-rounded ranching background allows her to excel at both disciplines to suit her riders’ needs.
Spring seems to particularly enjoy her time spent in the Veteran’s Program, where she helps teach individuals to trust and form bonds again. She is patient with participants who need a little extra time to come out of their shell, and offers a shoulder to lean on for those who are working through their problems and struggles. Spring also does a fantastic job as the newest addition to our group of vaulting horses. She takes great care of the kids as they learn new moves and try them out on her strong back.
Spring was prescribed Platinum Skin and Allergy by our veterinarian as she struggles with horrible allergies, which block her tear ducts and causes both eyes to swell up like softballs. Spring’s eyes become itchy and painful to the extent that she has scratched her eyelids multiple times while trying to relieve the irritation. Platinum Skin and Allergy has greatly helped keep Spring comfortable and happy. Without being on the supplement, she is incredibly uncomfortable and unable to participate in lessons with her riders. Spring loves her job here and with Platinum Skin and Allergy, she is able to continue to foster trust, companionship and love to all of us here at Hearts & Horses.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Staff - Program Director at Hearts & Horses, Inc. in Loveland, CO. We are a 501(c)3 therapeutic riding center. We purchased her from our farrier. -- Michele I. Kane