2020 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Awards

Nickname: Popie-corn
Birth Year: 2019. Gender: Gelding. Breed: Paint.
Affiliated with Horse Feathers Equine Center Inc.

Im nominating Popcorn for his fighting spirit to overcome what he has had done to him since birth. Popcorn was taken away from his mother at a very young age (not weaned properly)leaving him with no baby manners taught by the mare. He was drug at 4mo old with a rope around his neck, he had a bad injury to his fetlock that resulted in infection that was not treated. This untreated infection caused his fetlock joint to fuse so it no longer flexes when he walks. Upon arrival here at Horse Feathers he was fitted with a special baby shoe to help pull him up off the ground and has had monthly chiropractic treatments to help his spine and body alignment. Popcorn was emaciated, wormy and has been gaining steadily since intake along with giving him supplements to help him build muscle.
Popcorn has been working hard to overcome severe head shyness, difficulty in walking and awkwardness from his lack of training. He tries very hard to understand what is being asked of him and in time with maturity along with training we will utilize him in our programs here. We want to give him every chance possible.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Im the President/CEO of Horse Feathers and also a caretaker of Popcorn. He came to the facility in 2019 -- Cheri White Owl

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