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America's Horses
Need Our Protection!

#RideForHorses! January 27, 2017, Wellington, Florida

Tim Kees & EQUUS Foundation Chair Jenny Belknap Kees

Georgina Bloomberg, Jennifer Gates, Valerie Angeli, Hayley Barnhill and Ariana Rockefeller

Richard Colligan, Sylvia Callari & Flavia Callari

Kathleen Gannon Ledsome & Kay Gannon

Ron Neal & Mason Phelps

Mitchell Myrin & Bobbie Braun

Steve & Debbie Stephens

Dr. Steven Herman & Catherine Herman

Kristen Abbatiello-Neff

Ed Copeland & Ali Wolff

Melinda Bobst Rockwell

Danny Robertshaw & Ron Danta

Nick Skelton, Valerie Angeli & Victoria McCullough Photo by EQUUS Foundation

Margaret Duprey & Chip McKenney

David Laks & Alex Hamer

Georgina Bloomberg, Carlos Aruzza & Vanessa Stevenson

Jennifer & Rolf Bauersachs

Havens Schatt, Nick Skelton & Laura Kraut

Larry D'Addario & Patricia Keenan

Joan & Ernest Kalman

Kressa & Tommy Peterson

Kathryn L. Quirk, Esq, Dr. Denise P. Quirk & Titi Mills

Michael Meller, Susie Humes & Peter Lutz

Phyllis Jones, Meredith McLaughlin & Marsha Hudgins

Kim Tudor

Christina Schlusemeyer & Ariel Weisman

Jane Rosenberg

Leslie Simpson & Gregory Gingery

Marilyn Hoffman & Holly Thompson

Libby Monaco & Neil McCarthy

Terri Henderson, Dr. Brian Dixon & Dr. Jean Oberg

Donovan Ross, Declan Orpen & Jennifer Ross

Ron Neal with EQUUS Foundation Mascot Butterscotch

Photos by Lenore Phillips/Phelps Media Group

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