Lafitte De Muze Matching Campaign
Now Through September 4, 2022
Lafitte De Muze Matching Campaign

Donations made to the EQUUS Foundation starting now through the conclusion of the Hampton Classic Horse Show on September 4 will be matched by prize money won by EQUUS Foundation Equine Ambassador, Lafitte De Muze, and donated by his owner, Cheryl Olsten, up to $35,000.

That's $70,000 to help care for horses who have been the victims of abuse and neglect – and saved from being shipped off to slaughter, as well as horses at equine therapeutic centers who are enriching and improving the lives of people facing hardships, especially children, veterans and first responders. Donate here.

EQUUS Foundation Equine Ambassadors are sport horses whose owners donate a portion of their winnings in equestrian sport competitions to help ensure that all horses are safe, healthy, and treated with dignity as partners.
Please help us reach our goal by September 4!
Donate here
Your Donations at Work!
We are pleased to share stories of just a few of the thousands of horses that benefit from your support.

Figgy Puddin’
Dear sweet 45 years old Figgy Puddin' with Betty
Figgy’s prior owners sold their property leaving Figgy behind in the only home he ever knew and surrendered him to All About Equine Animal Rescue (AAE) in December 2021. Figgy was showing signs of neglect and has Cushings so AAE took care of his medical and farrier needs ongoing meds and provided him with a special diet and corrective care for a deformed hoof due to lack of proper healthcare. While AAE continues to support Figgy’s ongoing needs, Figgy currently spends his days at the farm of AAE Volunteer, Betty, as a companion to her senior (33 year old) horse and has adapted well to his new surroundings.

Kate, a 21 year old Saddlebred mare, was living a rough life when neighbors saw she was neglected by her owner and left to care for herself. They asked the owner to surrender Kate to AGES and he did. Kate was thin, full of ticks, and wary of people. At AGES she began to trust our volunteers and vet, and is now sound, healthy, stands well for saddling and grooming. Next - a forever home where she'll never be neglected again.

Jill, who is nearly blind, enjoying Spirit's spirit!
Spirit was rescued from starvation at just two years old. None of the rest of his herd survived. While he has some behavioral issues resulting from his mistreatment, he has learned that humans can be trusted. Spirit's story helps children access their own losses. He is a caretaker of those who most need it. It is impossible to overestimate the joy horses bring to us!

Tommy was in our first group of horses we rescued in 2018. Diagnosed with navicular syndrome shortly after arriving from a Texas kill pen, Tommy has earned his permanent place in our herd. He has memories of darker times that continue to surface. The terror he displays remind us of the demons he continues to fight. Most days are peaceful and happy and the darker moments come farther apart with the development of trust and love.

Pongo and Perdita
Photo @Lydia Anne LaDue
Pongo and Perdita, both leopard appaloosas, arrived at Begin Again Horse Rescue when Perdita, who was blind from Glaucoma, needed intense and expensive treatments. When the medical treatments did not relieve her pain, her eyes were surgically removed by our veterinarians. Pongo, who is dedicated to being a seeing-eye for the little mare, accompanied Perdita to the hospital to offer her support and comfort. Perdita is now pain-free and romps about the pasture with her friend, Pongo, like two peas in a pod. Pongo and Perdita are being offered for adoption together to an approved home within a two hour radius of Lima, NY, or they will have a forever home at Begin Again Horse Rescue.

We spotted this underweight, discouraged soul on a Facebook horse auction site and we knew he needed to be rescued. On Thanksgiving eve, a Facebook message was shared with friends of our rescue, who showed up early on Thanksgiving morning to clean a field area near a stall and build a temporary turnout in which to quarantine Laz. We rescued Laz from auction and brought him home to our rescue. You'd never recognize this frisky, energetic fellow now as he tears around his turnout, throws his head and shakes his mane with sheer joy!

Count On Ale (Diamond)
Count On Ale aka Diamond is a 19 year old Thoroughbred who came to BTRE from a large seizure. She was emaciated and in need of lots of TLC. She will never be in this situation again. She is now thriving with the rest of our Sanctuary mares. She is very loving and loves the outdoors. Since she has been used as a broodmare and not ridden since she was three years old, she is adoptable but would only be suitable as a pasture companion.

Mykee is a true Cinderella story. When we first met Mykee, he was in very poor health. His ribcage could be seen from far away and he was living in a constant state of fear. But, there was a sparkle in his eye. He was kind and gentle and showed he had the try that we look for in every therapy horse. Once his health improved, he was introduced into our therapeutic riding and outpatient clinic specializing in hippotherapy. At 14 hands, he was the perfect sized therapy horse for children. When he stepped into his first session, it was clear he found his purpose. Today, Mykee helps BraveHearts bring hope, joy, and unlimited possibilities to individuals in need through the healing power of the horse. Most importantly, Mykee has found his home.

Admiral is the anchor of the Bridle Paths program, inspiring participants to build authentic connections, in partnership with horses, for more than ten years. Standing 17.3 hands high, this teenage Percheron-Thoroughbred cross gelding helps riders to reach new heights. Working with Admiral permits trauma survivors to cultivate trusting relationships and achieve post-traumatic growth. The recipient of the WIHS Honor & Service Award in 2017, Admiral excels in working with veterans, service members, and their families.

My name is Deuce and I was a grand prix jumper until I injured my hock. They put me in a stall and I became an emotional wreck until I was rescued by Brook Hill. Today I teach at-risk youth perseverance, resilience and confidence. Like me, they are learning to work through their struggles in order to succeed!

California Rone
California Rone is a Gray Thoroughbred Gelding born in 2018. Just three years old when he arrived, he immediately required surgery to remove bone chips from both front legs at Michigan State University (MSU), which we arranged and paid for. MSU Veterinary students assist with surgery on CANTER Michigan horses to help advance their veterinary education. The photo was taken prior to his surgery. He is recovering and will be in rehab until July, 2022.

AP Hutchy, aka Hutch, was injured during training for his racing career, tearing his suspensory branch. After the injury, his owner donated Hutch to the Secretariat Center to help him find a new career. Despite his young years - now only four - his puppy-dog personality made him the perfect fit for us! Everyone at CKRH fell in love with Hutch, because how could we not love a big, loveable three-year-old who just wants to cuddle? We’re taking it slow as his injury is not completely healed yet, but he’s been cleared for walking under tack, playing games in our indoor arena, and riding on the CKRH Sensory Trail. We are so grateful for our relationship with the Secretariat Center and all excited to watch Hutch grow and learn on his journey to becoming a therapy horse!

Heathcliff with student, Ian, his dad and sidewalker, Thomas, and leader Tamy
Heathcliff is a 24-year old Warmblood Cross. Heathcliff was a successful eventing horse before he settled into his career as a trusted partner to therapeutic riding students at CATR. While Heathcliff has many talents, his most notable characteristic is how easily he forms strong connections with people. Several young men at CATR are part of his fan club! They love taking him for long trail rides in the Western tack.

Rescued at a local livestock auction alongside five other yearlings, Tyra was granted a second chance through personalized rehabilitation and training at Colorado Horse Rescue. Due to a traumatic start in life, Tyra was quite fearful and shut down. Although with consistency and patience, Tyra's curiosity was revealed. Tyra formed a new foundation from a healthy restart at CHR and a quality training foster home. Now, Tyra awaits being matched to a horse-loving home.

Jett, age 10, has helped hundreds of humans since 2013. Jett is a superstar in every way – he is always ready to serve others and help them feel better! Whether he is visiting a nursing home, remaining present with an adult, or playing dress-up, Jett is a primary team member in our equine-assisted wellness programs.

Smiley is a stunning 14 year old Standardbred gelding. He has a wonderful, playful and energetic personality and loves to be mentally engaged. He once had a very successful harness racing career before he ended up at auction. During his training evaluation and an evaluation by our veterinarian, we discovered that he has an extreme case of "Tying- up", where his muscles seize up while in work. Smiley is available for adoption as a pasture companion only. Smiley would do best in a living situation where he could go in and out of his stall as he pleases and be turned out with another horse with a playful personality like his. Learn more about Smiley here.

Queenie recently found herself needing a new home after working her entire life on a farm. Thankfully, we were able to offer her a safe landing. Queenie is getting caught up on her past-due veterinary needs as well as gaining some weight. Queenie has earned a safe retirement which Draft Gratitude is giving to her.

Noffy, once our instructor's childhood pony, now works with her "mom" each Wednesday where the dynamic duo delight our "littles" with fun games designed to enrich their lives. Noffy is adored by the riders and volunteer staff that cannot resist her wild "hair do" and body clipped hearts on her rump - a symbol befitting the important work Noffy does and how much she is loved by everyone who meets her!

Stetson's life started out rocky: being dumped at an auction just two weeks after his birth. Never one to let his beginning limit him, he's proven to be quite an incredible fellow. Stetson now leads and picks up his feet with the confidence and composure of a horse much beyond his years. Supporting him supports what DHOH stands for: every horse deserves a second chance. It's all the most heartbreaking when foals' chances are so limited from birth, and we're so happy that Stetson was able to be rescued and have a bright future.

Pelusa joined our herd in March of 2017, after two failed attempts at retirement. Prior to joining us, she was an amazing polo pony with Yale University's Polo team. When her polo career came to an end, she became quite unhappy living the retirement life. Which is when Yale University reached out to Endeavor. Pelusa has been an amazing equine partner at Endeavor. To date, she has worked in over 1,000 sessions, including our veteran program, residential youth programs, therapeutic riding, physical and occupational therapy programs. At 35, Pelusa shows no signs of wanting to stop her career of helping humans. We love you Pelusa.

Beau arrived at ERAF in January of 2022. He is a BLM Mustang gelding, about five to seven years old and an owner surrender. He has been cared for but is not yet gentled and is still wearing his BLM tag. He is the second BLM Mustang currently in our care. He joins Maverick, the first BLM Mustang in our care. While Maverick is in training and ready for adoption, Beau's journey towards his next chapter is just beginning.

Admiral War Chest
Admirals War Chest won the Maryland million three times. He's a 10-year-old thoroughbred, but when he was done racing, his owners didn't have any purpose for him anymore. We believe he can have another purpose and job in the future.

Our newest intake, "Archie" is a 9 yrs. old, Selle Francais gelding. He was a beautiful jumper, before he developed "kissing spine", and other health issues, during his jumping career, that now prevent him from ever being ridden again. It is difficult to place a young horse, with health issues, especially knowing that he can never be ridden again, and could live another 20 years. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. offers at risk horses like Archie, who are otherwise healthy, a forever life in sanctuary.

On October 15, 2021, Freedom Hill Horse Rescue (FHHR) took ownership of an 18 year old Paint named Badger with severe EPM. After three treatments with Diclazuril, Badger's rear legs are much more steady. He will be exercised and hopefully, when ready, be adopted by a loving family as a pasture mate. Badger is an example of our mission to "improve the lives of horses by providing a safe haven for healing and rehabilitation".

Mongoose Gold
Mongoose Gold, nicknamed GG, was retired to Friends of Ferdinand (FFI) after her successful racing and breeding career. GG is part of FFI's inaugural Broodmare Bunch program, which provides rehabilitation and retraining to broodmares, in addition to off-track thoroughbreds, to ensure they have a happily ever after.

Slam Hanover is "stepping out" for GAIT Therapeutic Riding Center! He is a Standardbred horse and ex-harness racer, who won many races in his earlier life. He came to GAIT TRC in 2013 as a semi-retired 17 yr old. His calm personality and comfortable gaits provide a sense of safety and security for his special needs riders. A bay horse with forward action at the walk and trot also makes him a fun horse to ride.

A registered Tiger Horse, Lily is a 11 year old rare breed of gaited appaloosa, whose original owner rehomed her herd after falling ill. Sadly, Lily's new owner did not care properly for her and eventually sold her to a dealer for pennies on the dollar. Lily quickly became ill, under weight and mentally defeated. Lily's original owner reached out to GAIT when she learned that Lily had fallen into harms way. Lily is now our ambassador, helping us educate the public about what can happen to even the best bred horses if they fall into the wrong hands.

Flour is an older, neglected pony that we rescued this Thanksgiving. When she arrived she seemed depressed and had no zest for life left. She had a severe internal infection and a painful eye that needed treatment. A little girl named Ella, who lives at the rescue with her parents, spent time brushing her and talking quietly to her and Flour seemed to love this. Now that Flour's infection has cleared and her eye is being treated, she is feeling much better and is enjoying giving pony rides and being spoiled. She is ready for adoption and all she needs now is a home and child to call her own!

Rosie was adopted by Gleneayre from a local rescue where she had been found tied to a chain-link fence and near starvation. She came at Gleneayre scared and shy but with love to give and that trust and hope are possible even in difficult situations. As an instrumental part of our Working Student Program, the students have had the opportunity to learn firsthand what is involved with rehabilitating a rescue horse and to experience the rewards.

High school student Tyler bonding with 2-year old miniature horse Cricket, one of 21 special horses partnering with special needs students

Photo @Brenda
How can such a tiny little horse hold so much personality? Meet Kachina who came to HTFAS through the Amish Horse Retirement Initiative in 2008. Unable to stand because of dwarfism, this miniature horse received state of the art medical care to help her gain use of her legs. Now retired from nursing home visits, she has become a sanctuary favorite with humans and other animals alike and is quite the star with tour visitors!

JoJo is a Norwegian Fjord who has been a team member at Healing Strides for over 15 years. JoJo is a favorite horse for many of our riders because she has a patient disposition. So many of our client want so badly to learn to ride a horse, like the little boy in the photo, but their anxieties and fears are a challenge to overcome. When they find the courage to ride a horse, they become empowered, and an unbreakable bond is formed. Simply put, JoJo is that horse - trustworthy and consistent.

Nugget and Alice
Nugget is surprising. He’s young-- only 8 and yet he is one of the most versatile equines in our herd. His day may start with a 10 year old and end with our oldest participant -- Alice who is 96. He works in every program on property and serves a wide range of needs. There is no participant Nugget cannot reach. Nugget makes everyone smile -- especially Alice!

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