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2018-10-15 - Horse Stars Hall of Fame Nominations Open

2018-09-26 - Vote for America's Horses & Online Auction Featured at American Gold Cup

2018-09-24 - Horse Lovers and the Equine Community Came Together for At-Risk Horses at the 2018 Hampton Classic!

2018-09-20 - EQUUS Foundation Announces 2018 Grant Recipients

2018-09-15 - October 31st Deadline for EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award Nominations

2018-09-14 - Ozzie, Slycy, Sonny's Jigsaw, Titan & Wandering Angus Receive Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

2018-09-02 - Vote for America's Horses Today!

2018-08-22 - EQUUS Foundation Presents Adoptable Horses at the Hampton Classic!

2018-08-03 - NEXT CHAPTERS - One-of-a-Kind Horse Adoptions and Placements

2018-07-31 - Nominations Now Open for 2018 WIHS Klinger Perpetual Award for Honor & Service

2018-07-25 - Making New Friends - Two- and Four-Legged Ones!

2018-07-20 - Riding for the Greater Good - Cheryl Olsten Donates Winnings of Lafitte De Muze for America's At-Risk Horses

2018-06-28 - EQUUS Foundation Celebrates Grand Prix Win of Taylor St. Jacques at Fairfield

2018-06-23 - New This Year - EQUUS Foundation Grand Prix Calcutta! Online Auction Closes Tomorrow!

2018-06-19 - Auction Opens Today at the Fairfield Horse Show!

2018-06-06 - Three Generations of Horses - Lady, Cina & Blue - Provide a Lifetime of Joy

2018-05-29 - A Carriage Horse Named Max Finds His Forever Home at the EQUUS Foundation's First Forever Farm

2018-05-25 - The Sun Shined Through at Old Salem to Showcase Adoptable and Recently Adopted Horses

2018-05-11 - Zoey's Next Chapter Was Just a Hop, Step and Jump Away

2018-05-09 - Houses for Horses: A Dream Equestrian Property Makes Dreams Come True for America's At-Risk Horses!

2018-05-07 - Horse Stars from All Walks of Life Inducted into the Horse Stars Hall of Fame

2018-05-04 - Fairfield Welcomes Back the EQUUS Foundation with an Exciting Grand Prix and Luncheon on June 23rd

2018-05-02 - Sip, Shop and Mingle with EQUUS Foundation EQUUStar Georgina Bloomberg at RANI ARABELLA on Monday, May 14th

2018-04-23 - A Force of Good! EQUUS Foundation Announces 2018 Champion Scholarship Recipients Sponsored by Ariat International

2018-04-16 - Helping Hands for Horses - 5 Dedicated Volunteers Honored as EQUUS Foundation Ariat Champions!

2018-02-27 - EQUUS Foundation Hits Another Home Run for America’s Horses at its Saturday Night Lights event on February 24th

2018-02-21 - #RideForHorses Online Auction Opens Today! Let the Bidding Begin to Protect America's Horses!

2018-02-19 - Come Get Your Rose this Saturday, February 24th for America's Horses

2018-02-12 - Join the EQUUS Foundation for Saturday Night Lights with The Bachelors Prince Lorenzo Borghese & Ryan Beckett on Saturday, February 24th

2018-02-07 - Jolene - One of Many Cared For by Ariat Champions While Waiting for Forever Homes

2018-02-06 - Saturday Night Lights on February 24th - Star Power for Love of Horses!

2018-02-02 - Clydesdale Thunder - A Magical Evening to Benefit the EQUUS Foundation

2018-01-24 - Wellington Horse Lovers Turn Out for First #RideForHorses Rally

2018-01-22 - Victoria McCullough Honored as 2017 EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award Recipient

2018-01-09 - Join us at our first #RideForHorses Rally on January 15th

2018-01-02 - New Platinum Performance Program to Benefit EQUUS Foundation Guardians

2017-12-31 - EQUUS Foundation Announces Results of 2017 #RideForHorses Competition

2017-12-25 - Happy Holidays From One Horse Lover To Another!

2017-12-13 - SAVE THE DATE: Saturday Night Lights on February 24, 2018

2017-12-06 - EQUUS Foundation Announces New Funding Program

2017-11-29 - EQUUStar Clementine Goutal and Upper Echelon Academy Kick Off 2018 #RideForHorses Campaign

2017-11-23 - Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Endings for America's At-Risk Horses

2017-11-21 - Be A Star for America's Horses! It's The Best Gift You Can Give!

2017-10-18 - Ariat Honors Volunteers That Change the Lives of Horses - and People

2017-10-04 - Horse Stars Hall of Fame Nominations Open

2017-09-26 - EQUUS Foundation Awards Over $200,000 in Grants & Scholarships

2017-09-21 - Magic for Miniature Horses at the 2017 American Gold Cup!

2017-09-11 - Happy Endings for Adoptable Horses at the Hampton Classic

2017-09-01 - October 30 Deadline for EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award Nominations

2017-08-07 - Nominations Now Open for 2017 WIHS Klinger Perpetual Award for Honor & Service

2017-08-05 - Adoptable Horses Presented by the EQUUS Foundation at the 7th Annual Hampton Classic Animal Adoption Day & So Much More!

2017-08-01 - #BringHorsesHome . . .

2017-07-18 - Ariat Continues Support of Dedicated Equine Volunteers

2017-07-11 - Immediate Action Needed Today: Fate of U.S. Horses Up for Vote Wednesday

2017-07-10 - Get Bucked Off to Benefit Horse Welfare at the Kentucky Buck Off Challenge

2017-07-05 - 2017 Fairfield Horse Show Raises Awareness and Funds for Horse Welfare

2017-07-03 - EQUUS Foundation Benefit Luncheon Guests at Fairfield #RideForHorses

2017-07-01 - Katie Tyler Wins Ox Ridge and Fairfield Grand Prixs

2017-06-30 - Kisses & Homes for Adoptable Mini Horses and More at EQUUS Foundation Equine Adoption Day at Fairfield Horse Show

2017-06-21 - EQUUS Foundation Auction at Fairfield Open Now Online! Start Bidding Today!

2017-06-19 - Family Fun and Exciting Show Jumping at the Fairfield Horse Show this Saturday!

2017-06-12 - Meet and Greet Adoptable Minis, Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds, Mustangs and more at the Fairfield June Show

2017-06-07 - Capture Life's Treasured Moments and Save Horses! Tischman Pets Photography Special Photo Fundraiser to Benefit EQUUS Foundation

2017-06-05 - A Beautiful Day for Horse Stars To Shine for the 2017 Horse Stars Hall of Fame Induction at Old Salem Farm

2017-06-02 - A Relationship of Respect and Compassion for Horses - Fairfield Equine Associates Continues Partnership with EQUUS Foundation at the 2017 Fairfield June Show

2017-05-30 - Callaricars.com to award Mini Cooper to Ox Ridge and Fairfield Grand Winners

2017-05-10 - An easy way for EQUUS Foundation Messengers to raise funds! We're here to help!

2017-05-05 - Old Salem Farm Spring Horse Shows Rally for Horse Welfare & the EQUUS Foundation

2017-04-26 - Chores that make dreams come true

2017-04-08 - EQUUS Foundation Announces 2017 Champion Scholarship Recipients Sponsored by Ariat International

2017-03-30 - Fairfield Welcomes Back EQUUS Foundation

2017-03-22 - Ten Extraordinary Horses To Be Honored on May 21st

2017-03-16 - Equine Education Network expands to include Equine Athletic programs

2017-03-04 - Equestrians #RideForHorses under the lights at the Winter Equestrian Festival

2017-02-24 - Last Call - Spend a Royal Evening with "The Bachelor"

2017-02-22 - Online Auction Opens Today! Everyone can #RideForHorses! You Can Too! Let the Bidding Begin!

2017-02-22 - #RideForHorses - Win A Free Best Performance Competition Membership and That's Not All!

2017-02-17 - Your Prince Just Rode In!

2017-02-10 - Star Power & Horse Power Under the Lights in Support of America's At-Risk Horses

2017-01-31 - Equestrians in Wellington Step Up in Support of America's At-Risk Horses

2017-01-23 - Suzanne Marquard Named 2016 EQUUS Foundation Humanitarian Award Recipient

2017-01-19 - Discovering "Happy Places" thanks to EQUUS Foundation's Champions & Ariat

2017-01-17 - Fundraising Opportunity for Messengers!

2017-01-11 - Join us for Saturday Night Lights on February 25th . . . for the love of horses!