July 3, 2017
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EQUUS Foundation Benefit Luncheon Guests at Fairfield #RideForHorses

The $30,000 Fairfield Grand Prix was the highlight for guests attending the EQUUS Foundation Benefit Luncheon on Saturday, June 24th at the Fairfield County Hunt Club in Westport, Connecticut. With champagne in hand, guests were treated to a bountiful buffet of delectables prepared by award-winning chef and "Chopped Judge" Sue Torres, the Club's Executive Chef, and enjoyed a beautiful day and exciting show jumping competition.

EQUUS Foundation President Lynn Coakley welcomed guests, thanking the Club leadership and staff for its continued support and recognizing the show co-chairs, Benedicte Berg, Wynatte Chu, and Sean Hogan, and EQUUS Foundation Board members, Jenny Belknap Kees, Chair, Catherine Herman, Vice Chair, Jane Henderson, Secretary-Treasurer, along with Directors, Patty Keenan, Dr. Rick Mitchell, and Anne Walker.

"We are so happy we had a full house of wonderful guests again this year who turned out to enjoy the exciting equestrian competition, delicious summer fare, and best of all, to support our cause of keeping America's at-risk horses safe and loved," said Valerie Angeli, EQUUS Foundation VP Communications.

"It is so easy to think that all horses are cared for and cherished like the beautiful horses people see at horse shows like Fairfield - but the truth is, behind the scenes, many thousands of horses across the country suffer neglect, abandonment, abuse and slaughter when they simply become unlucky due to no fault of their own. These powerful yet fragile, sensitive animals give us their all and this gathering was a day to give back to them."

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Lynn Coakley thanks CallariCars for their long-standing support and wishes Flavia Callari a happy birthday.

Westport First Selectman Jim Marpe with Jenny Belknap Kees, Board Chair, EQUUS Foundation, and Mary Ellen Marpe. Photo by Geoff Tischman.

Annette French, Sarah Reynard Epifano, Fairfield County Hunt Club President, and Deb Placey. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Horse Show Co-Chairs
Berkeley Soper, Benedicte Berg, Sean Hogan, Flavia Callari and Wynatte Chu. Photo by Reflections Photography.
Christina & Craig Smith, Carol Gordon, Peggy & Tom Belden. Photo by Reflections Photography.
EQUUS Board member Dr. Richard (Rick) Mitchell & Julie Mitchell. Photo by Reflections Photography.
Ellen Crown & Allison Jurjens. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Carol & Richard Gordon. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Sitting: John Dionne, Elise Bucknall, Bill Bucknall, Maren Keane, Sienna Keane, John Bucknall; Standing: Jackie Dionne, Margaret Bucknall, Al Bucknall, Joan Bucknal. Photo by Reflections Photography.
Nick D'Addario & EQUUS Foundation Board Member Patricia Keenan. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Sitting: Marilyn Geni-Blaney DMD, Sarah Filler, Lucia Fanjul and Gracie Filler. Standing: Juan Pablo Mejia, Gabby Tiktinsky and Summer Paulos. Photo by Reflections Photography.
Nadja, Katrina and Gabby Tiktinsky. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Diana and Dick Bondy. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Virginia and Oliver Pursche. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Sean Kennedy, Marylou D'Addario Kennedy with Arlene & Harry Goldsmith. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Bob Cacchione, Jean Bickley & George N. Venizelos. Photo by Reflections Photography.
EQUUS Foundation Vice Chair Catherine Herman & Dr. Steven Herman. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Sitting: Pam Fletcher, Steve Tomlinson, Linda Margold and Chris Walker; Standing: Buck Margold, Terri Walker, George Walker and EQUUS Foundation Board Member Anne Walker. Photo by Reflections Photography.
Phyllis Collins (second from left) with guests. Photo by Geoff Tischman.
Standing: EQUUS Foundation Secretary/Treasurer Jane Henderson, John Pritchett, Mary Ellen Marpe, Jim Marpe and Michaela Pritchett; Sitting: Marguerite Brennan, Sean Pritchett, Joyce Schanze and Ron Schanze. Photo by Reflections Photography.

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Winners Circle: Animal Planet, Arial International, CallariCars.com and Fairfield Equine Associates.

Gold Medal: Elise & William Bucknall, Phyllis Collins, Friends of the EQUUS Foundation, Jane Henderson, Michaela & Sean Pritchett, Laure Sudreau and the Maniatty & Walker Families

Silver Medal: The Frost Family, Marylou D’Addario Kennedy & Sean Kennedy, Kennedy Equine Transport and Wells Fargo Private Bank

Bronze Medal: The Crown Family, The Foster Family, William R. Harris Jr., Dr. & Mrs. Steven Herman, Hi Ho Petroleum, Hospital for Special Surgery, Lawrence D’Addario & Patricia J. Keenan, Juan Pablo Mejia & Lucia Fanjul, Orpen Horses LLC, The Shulman Family, George N. Venizelos and Joel Whidden

Grand Champion: Agriventures Agway, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Alexander, Wynatte Chu, DDS, Richard Conlon & Teresa Kendregan, Dr. & Mrs. Charles Cornell, Mr. & Mrs. Eric Filler, Sean T. Hogan Esq., Dorothy Kesten, The Knadler Family, Margaret Bondy Interiors, Gabrielle Guise & Jon Tiktinsky and Barbara & Mark Zand

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About EQUUS Foundation: The EQUUS Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity established in 2002, also known as Horse Charities of America, the only national animal welfare charity in the United States dedicated solely to horse welfare and the horse-human bond. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Contact the EQUUS Foundation, Inc., at 168 Long Lots Road, Westport, CT 06880, Tele: (203) 259-1550, E-Mail: mail@equusfoundation.org, Website: www.equusfoundation.org.
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