July 11, 2017
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Immediate Action Needed Today: Fate of U.S. Horses Up for Vote Wednesday
We are appealing to all horse lovers to take action on this dire situation facing America's horses at risk. We are sharing the e-blast below from the ASPCA, an EQUUS Foundation Alliance member, who is actively engaged in legislative activity to prevent the cruelty of all animals, including horses. Respond to the ASPCA here!

Dear Equine Advocate,

I am reaching out to you urgently because this week will be pivotal in preventing the use of our tax dollars to fund horse slaughter in this country. Domestic and wild horses are at great risk and they need you to speak on their behalf by contacting your legislator now.

The ASPCA has worked alongside horse rescues and sanctuaries around the country explaining how a horse's nature and biology makes commercial slaughter an intolerable form of cruelty. Thankfully, we are seeing a significant drop in the number of horses being sent over the border for slaughter (44% this year) and we need to stay the course. That's why we work with national partners on innovative safety net, adoption and rehoming options.

We know available homes exist because the ASPCA's work with Edge Research revealed an impressive 2.3 million American households ready, willing and able to adopt horses in need. We don't need to send horses to slaughter, but we do have to win a vote in Congress every year to prevent it. And this year, the administration has proposed liquidating the population of wild horses living in holding pastures by either killing them outright or selling them to buyers who slaughter. Our horses have never faced such serious threats—all funded with our tax dollars.

Please read more about this and act immediately to help ensure our country continues on the right path for all horses.


Thank you for your help! 

Nancy Perry
Senior Vice President, Government Relations
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

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