May 28, 2018
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A Carriage Horse Named Max Finds His Forever Home at the EQUUS Foundation's First Forever Farm

Joni Werthan is a lifelong equestrian and owner of Warioto Farm Inc., based in Frankin, Tennessee, where she raises and shows champion hunters. A dedicated animal lover, she is extremely proud of the history of her family farm that has been committed to promoting the tradition of excellence in the Hunter industry for over three decades.

Warioto Farm
But it wasn't until the Spring of 2018, when she adopted Max, a New York City carriage horse in need of retirement and his next chapter, that she became impassioned to get more involved in helping America's at-risk horses on a bigger scale.

Werthan became the inspiration for the EQUUS Foundation "Forever Farms" program to recognize horse farms and equestrian facilities involved with sport and recreation that are dedicated to preserving open space for America's horses and safeguarding their comfort and dignity throughout their lives.

Because Max is so near and dear to her heart and she hopes to bring more carriage horses home that need a place to go, Werthan's gift to the EQUUS Foundation will be dedicated to carriage horses.

Warioto Farm Warioto Farm

Max at Warioto Farm where he is forever safe and loved.

Warioto Farm Warioto Farm

"Max has brought me so much joy and has already taught me so much with his gentle grace and sweet, shining soul," says Werthan. I want to give more horses like Max a chance to find happiness and their next chapter too. Warioto Farm and I am proud to be recognized as a #RideForHorses Forever Farm."


Warioto Farm Inc.
Franklin, Tennessee
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Warioto Farm
"Warioto Farm Inc. is the the first of what we hope will be many horse farms and equestrian facilities across the United States to partner with the EQUUS Foundation as "Forever Farms" to protect America’s horses and strengthen the bond between horses and people," said Valerie Angeli, VP Communications and Special Projects.

Contact us at mail@equusfoundation.org for more information.

Warioto Farm

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