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February 27, 2019
Horse Lovers and Horse Protectors Come Together for a Stellar Event

"Horses do so much for us - they are magic! They have served us for centuries and have played a significant role in advancing civilization," said Valerie Angeli, EQUUS Foundation VP of Engagement, in her opening remarks at the 2019 EQUUS Foundation Saturday Night Lights event on February 23rd at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington, Florida.

"Horses continue to play an important role. They positively influence our happiness and our health, but without us, they are at-risk for abuse, neglect and an untimely and inhumane end of life," continued Angeli. "That's why we are here tonight - to honor and protect the horses we all love and ensure that they ALL have loving and compassionate next chapters throughout their lives. They deserve no less."
EQUUS Foundation
Photo by Phelps Media Group

Equestrians and horse lovers came out to celebrate the work of the EQUUS Foundation and were greeted at the door by a surprise host, Teddy, a miniature horse rescued by EQUUS Foundation Guardian, Omega Horse Rescue. The EQUUS Foundation coordinated the adoption of Teddy by EQUUS Foundation EQUUStar, Georgina Bloomberg, for her 5-year old son, Jasper.

"We thought a great way to start the evening and show just how wonderful adoptable horses can be was to have Teddy there to meet and greet our guests," said Angeli. "So many wonderful, adoptable horses like Teddy of ALL shapes, sizes, disciplines and breeds are out there just waiting for opportunities to thrive."

EQUUS Foundation
Appearing under tack with his tail braided and ribbons in his hair - and always the perfect gentlemen - Teddy delighted spectators before the $391,000 Grand Prix C5*. Photo by Phelps Media Group
EQUUS Foundation
AJCS Treats, founded by three young equestrian philanthropic entrepreneurs, Stella, Juliette and Clara Propp, provided another "treat" for guests and spectators alike by selling their homemade horse and dog treats. 100% of the proceeds from the sales benefited the EQUUS Foundation. Learn more about AJCS Treats here. Left to right: Hannah Famulak, Juliette Propp, Stella Propp, and Clara Propp Photo by Valerie Angeli, EQUUS Foundation
EQUUS Foundation
Madeline Stephen and Hannah Famulak, two of the winners of the Valentine's Day Challenge, were treated to a course walk of the Grand Prix C5* by EQUUS Foundation EQUUStar and competitor Brianne Goutal-Marteau. Stephen and Famulak raised the most donations for the EQUUS Foundation through the sale of treats between February 14-23. Left to right: Madeline Stephen, Hannah Famulak, Clara Propp, and Brianne Goutal-Marteau Photo by Valerie Angeli, EQUUS Foundation

"The Propp sisters not only added to the great energy of the evening and helped us help horses, but they are perfect examples of how everyone can help a great cause somehow in their own unique way. We are so proud of Stella, Clara and Juliette," said EQUUS Foundation Founder and President, Lynn Coakley.
EQUUS Foundation
The "Saturday Night Lights with the EQUUS Foundation" annual event, featured a cocktail hour, a delicious buffet dinner and an up-close, ringside view of the exhilarating CSI 5* Grand Prix competition. This year, the evening also featured a special "Trips of a Lifetime" Auction hosted by AmFund. Photo by Phelps Media Group
EQUUS Foundation
EQUUS Foundation EQUUStar and top international riders, Georgina Bloomberg and Jennifer Gates, took time to stop in during the cocktail hour to offer support and greet guests before competing in the high-stakes competition.
EQUUS Foundation
EQUUS Foundation EQUUStars Hayley Barnhill and Clementine Goutal

Clementine Goutal's Upper Echelon Academy, a top notch tutoring company that also inspires philanthropy among its students through its social impact committee, is hosting our Bouncy Horse Olympics, a free, fun, family-oriented event on Monday, March 11th, from 4pm to 7pm. Learn more here.
EQUUS Foundation
Susie Humes, Tim Kees, Jenny Belknap Kees, EQUUS Foundation Chair, and Clare Hawthorne with Conor Cawley and Will Kees Photo by Phelps Media Group

Angeli recapped the organization's success and new programs during the past year which included the Equine Ambassadors - sport horses whose owners donate a portion of their winnings in equestrian sport competitions to support the mission of the EQUUS Foundation - and the Forever Farms program recognizing horse farms and equestrian facilities involved with sport and recreation that are dedicated to preserving open space for America's horses and safeguarding the comfort and dignity of horses throughout their lives.

Angeli cited several triumphant equine adoption stories, including the efforts of the EQUUS Foundation focused on the retirement of carriage horses in New York City, resulting in the successful placement of five elderly carriage horses at EQUUS Foundation Forever Farm, Warioto Farm in Franklin, Tennessee.

EQUUS Foundation
Patricia Adikes Hill with Park and Joanne Adikes Photo by Phelps Media Group
EQUUS Foundation
Flavia Callari, Georgina Bloomberg and Richard Colligan Photo by Phelps Media Group
EQUUS Foundation
Emily Kannenstine, EQUUS Foundation Board Member Patricia Keenan and Cheryl Burger Photo by Phelps Media Group
EQUUS Foundation
Carina Roselli Photo by Valerie Angeli, EQUUS Foundation
EQUUS Foundation
EQUUS Foundation Board Member, Dr. Richard Mitchell, and Julie Mitchell Photo by Phelps Media Group
EQUUS Foundation
Kathryn Quirk, Denise Quirk, Teresa Mills, Jaqueline de Pierrefeu and Diana Villeda Photo by Phelps Media Group
EQUUS Foundation
Ann Serian, Blanch Tancredi, Lou Tancredi, Marylou D'Addario Kennedy, Meghan Hennessy, and Sean Kennedy Photo by Phelps Media Group
EQUUS Foundation
Dr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Abbatiello Photo by Phelps Media Group
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Many Thanks to our Event Sponsors!

Platinum: Ariat International, BMW of Darien, Fairfield Equine Associates, Mikelle Design, MINI of Fairfield County & Split Rock Jumping Tour

Gold Medal: Jenny Belknap & Walter T. Kees, Platinum Performance & Quiet Corner Farm

Silver Medal: HiHo Dressage, Lawrence D'Addario & Patricia J. Keenan, Marylou D'Addario Kennedy & Sean Kennedy & Ann T. D'Addario Family Foundation

Bronze Medal: Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Abbatiello & Dr. & Mrs. Steven Herman

Trips of a Life Auction Host: AmFund
Auction Sponsors: Ariat International, Back in the Saddle, Barbara's Visions, BMW of Darien, Bradford Renaissance Portraits, Capitale Jeunesse & Wanda Innes, Cavallo Horse & Rider, David Erdek Portrait Photography, Elite Island Resorts, Hampton Classic Horse Show, MINI of Fairfield County, Montauk Tackle, National Horse Show, Platinum Performance and Redingote Equestrian.

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