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September 18, 2020
EQUUS Foundation Announces 2020 Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award Recipients

The EQUUS Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards. Five EQUUS Foundation Guardian charities received a $500 cash award and a $500 gift card for Platinum Performance products to be used by the charity for the care of one of their horses. In addition, another five horses received $250 gift cards for Platinum Performance Equine, and 19 horses received gift cards for a bucket of Platinum Performance Equine.

2020 Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards

"We are truly honored to support the EQUUS Foundation and the incredible work that they do to keep America's horses safe with purposeful lives and loving homes. Congratulations to the recipients of the 2020 Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Awards. We celebrate all the deserving applicants for their complete transparency and wonderful effort in protecting horses and appreciating the impact they have on each of us," said Emily Smith, MS, Platinum Performance.

"We are so proud to be associated with Platinum Performance," said Lynn Coakley, EQUUS Foundation President. "The Platinum Performance Awards program is really special because it benefits specific horses. It's wonderful to be able to provide comfort to horses being rehabilitated by charities that are making them ready for their next homes and charities that are partnering with horses to improve the well-being of people."

Only those charities that undergo the EQUUS Foundation's comprehensive and unique verification process and receive the EQUUS Foundation Guardian designation are eligible to receive financial support from the EQUUS Foundation.

Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award
Appendix Quarter Horse born 2017
Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals (MSSPA)

When this active two-year-old was unloaded at MSSPA, he was seriously underweight, had a heavy parasite load, and his hooves were overgrown. After being surrendered to animal control, he was connected with the MSSPA and finally caught a break. Gastric support provided by Platinum Performance® products will greatly benefit Apollo's ulcers that contributed to his discomfort. Read more about Apollo here.

Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award
Haflinger born 2003
Pal-O-Mine Equestrian, Inc.

After adjusting to her new role as a therapy horse, Ella won the hearts of volunteers, staff, and most importantly her students with her calm and steady demeanor, soft and quiet gaits, and her flowing blonde mane and tail! Ella is also a popular horse to be used in their Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Assisted Learning, and Military programs.

Platinum Performance products will help her continue to be the barn star she deserves to be and continue doing her part in helping hundreds of more students over the next decade. Read more about Ella here.

Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award
Quarter Horse born 2007
Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy

Despite a severe injury to his withers in a pasture accident, Huey lives to serve others. "He is adored by the staff and volunteers, and is one of the most intuitive horses we have ever had. He shines brightest in serving our veterans," said Jill A. Haag, Executive Director at Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy. Huey will benefit greatly from Platinum Performance® CJ supplements given his past injury and arthritic changes. "While he has some limitations, he truly is one-in-a-million," said Haag. Read more about Huey here.

Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award
Cleveland Bay born 2001
BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding & Educational Center

Prior to coming to BraveHearts, Lucky excelled in driving. He is BraveHearts' only Clydesdale and most valuable and largest member of the team. As a Clydesdale, Lucky is prone to poor quality hooves and has greatly suffered from severe hoof issues requiring much conditioning and care. Platinum Performance will greatly benefit Lucky's hoof support. Read more about Lucky here.

Platinum Performance Horse Welfare Award
Kevin's Charger
Kevin's Charger
Standardbred born 1994
HETRA - Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy

Kevin's Charger was a racing horse who, due to injury, became a member of the Omaha Mounted Patrol. After retiring from the Mounted Patrol, he came to the HETRA barn. Kevin's Charger is known for his even temperament and reliable personality. The gentle trust he is able to build with participants makes him a special part of the program. He unfortunately developed Anhidrosis (the inability to sweat normally) and Platinum Refresh is key to helping him thermoregulate. Read more about Kevin's Charger here.

Runner-Up Recipients
The following five horses will receive $250 gift cards for Platinum Performance Equine. Read about these wonderful horses by clicking on their names.

Daisy - Dreams on Horseback
Flying Liberty - South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Monty - Drifter's Hearts of Hope
Proverbios - Illinois Thoroughbred Horsemen's Assoc. Thoroughbred Rescue Fund dba Galloping Out
Tap Til Dawn - Dream Catcher of L.A. Therapeutic Riding Centers

Honorable Mention
The following 19 horses will receive gift cards for a bucket Platinum Performance Equine. Read about these wonderful horses by clicking on their names.

Cesaro Z - Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc.
Cookie - Riding To The Top Therapeutic Riding Center
Lenas Richman - MARE Riding Center
FredBob - Right Step, Inc.
Prince Beauregard - Inspire Equine Therapy Program
Snyper - Purple Pony Therapeutic Horsemanship Inc.
BailyNtheBoys - Healing Strides of VA
Belmont Road - Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc.
Lou Ceridwen’s Final Lyric - National Center For Equine Facilitated Therapy (NCEFT)
Cisco - Manes & Motions Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc.
Dreamer - Kingman's Healing Hooves
Elijah - Runnin' Free Ranch
Equinox Declaration - Therapeutic Riding, Inc.
Imperial Knight - RideAbility Therapeutic Riding Center
Lawson's Rocky Top - Gaited Advocate Intervention Team, Inc. (GAIT)
LexLin's Moulin Rouge - Hands and Hearts for Horses
Overland Park - Horse and Hound Rescue Foundation
Popcorn - Horse Feathers Equine Center Inc.
Smut - Dream Catcher Stables, Inc

View all the Platinum Performance Horse Welfare
Award Recipients here

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