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February 15, 2021
Stepping Out for America's Horses Begins Today with Over 3 Million Steps Pledged!

Today marks the start of the inaugural "Stepping Out for America's Horses" campaign presented by Boston Private for you to demonstrate your athletic prowess and philanthropic power to safeguard the comfort and dignity of America's horses throughout their lives.

HorseProtectors across the country have already pledged to take over 3 million steps in support of adoptable horses on the EQUUS Foundation Next Chapter's Platform. We are looking forward to everyone getting out, getting moving, and fundraising this week for horses in need!

Help us reach our goal of 5 million steps this week!
How Many Steps Will You Take for America’s Horses?
Register here

1. Set your personal goal for the number of steps you pledge to take by walking, running, riding or other activities.

2. Click here to view the adoptable horses on the Next Chapters platform and select your favorite or we can assign an adoptable horse for you.

3. Complete and submit the online registration form here. Instead of having a registration fee, we ask all participants to join our #HorseProtector campaign with a donation of your choice. If you are not already an EQUUS Foundation #HorseProtector, sign up here.

4. Once registered, you will receive an email from us confirming your registration and the link to your own Stepping Out page featuring the specific adoptable horse on the Next Chapters platform to fundraise for. Share your link with family and friends to fundraise for your adoptable horse. You can also include photos of you "Stepping Out" during the week.

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Learn more about the Stepping Out campaign here
Support our "Steppers"
Click here to donate to the individual efforts of our "Steppers" and their deserving adoptable horses!

Jacey Albaugh & Kili (70000 steps)
Valerie Angeli & Karter (70000 steps)
Kelly Arani & Ozzie (50000 steps)
Madison Arani & Sally (50000 steps)
Reid Arani & Joi (50000 steps)
Stacey Arani & Gus (25000 steps)
Annabeth Athey & Annie (15000 steps)
Jenny Belknap & Half Pint (50000 steps)
Kaitlin Campbell & Pioneerofan Empire (100000 steps)
Chapin Cheska & Order In Court (30000 steps)
Lynn Coakley & Gabriel (25000 steps)
Sloane Coles & Chapter Twelve (50000 steps)
Caitlin Creel & Operative (28000 steps)
Ailish Cunniffe & Zella (100000 steps)
Daisy Farish & First Shot (50000 steps)
Dr. Christine Garvey & Bob (70000 steps)
Dominic Gibbs & Tschan (90000 steps)
Hattie Gilpin & Precious (10000 steps)
Ms. Victoria Hammer & Anderson (75000 steps)
Carrie Hull & Charlotte (85000 steps)
Elizabeth Hurd & Valentino (20000 steps)
Ms. Emma Hyde & Pioneerofan Empire (80000 steps)
Lillie Keenan & Sioux (50000 steps)
Laura Kraut & Geneva (20000 steps)
Maura Lautenbach & Stardust (50000 steps)
Peter Lutz & Latigo (10000 steps)
Taylor Madden & June (60000 steps)
Serena Marron & Ari (50000 steps)
Emilie McCann & Johnathon (35000 steps)
Kristina McCombie & Mags (77000 steps)
Carlee McCutcheon & Smirk (60000 steps)
Julia Moshy & Wayne (70000 steps)
Alexandra Murray & Woody (50000 steps)
Bridgette Ness & Bob (150000 steps)
Cassandra Orpen & April (50000 steps)
Ryder Richardson & Reba (70000 steps)
Alison Robitaille & Mimic (75000 steps)
Carol Rowehl & Mambo at the Gym (65000 steps)
Kirk Sabnani & Roman (42000 steps)
Dr. Jennifer Santorello & Strawberry Powder (Pigeon) (50000 steps)
Samantha Schaefer & Molly (50000 steps)
Ms. Caitlyn Shiels & Mags (50000 steps)
Sydney Shulman & Rumi (100000 steps)
Renata Solomou & Venezuelan Beauty (50000 steps)
Amanda Steege & Saturn (100000 steps)
Katherine Strauss & Carly (50000 steps)
Olivia Sweetnam & Journey (30000 steps)
Jimmy Torano & Eben Zabeel (50000 steps)
Catherine Tyree & Barney (100000 steps)
Ashley Vogel & Gabriel (50000 steps)
Carter Ware & Venezuelan Beauty (90000 steps)
Lacy Warner & Brodie (75000 steps)
Ali Wolff & Calvin (100000 steps)
Olivia Woodson & Electra (20000 steps)

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