Retired 19-year-old Belgian with lots of love to give
Age: 20 years old | Height: 17 hands | Gender: Gelding | Breed: Belgian
Offered by Roanchar Ranch Draft Horse Rescue
Varysburg, NY
Rehoming Fee: $400.00

My name is Jesse, I am a 19-year-old Belgian gelding, and I love to sunbathe. I have worked most of my life as a plow horse and have wonderful ground manners. At feeding time I know to give my caretakers plenty of room before I walk over to my bowl. I also lead well because I like to walk around. I was retired due to some health issues I have. My chronic progressive lymphedema that causes my hind leg to swell is much better since I have been wearing my compression sleeve. I am able to walk around normally again and I can even run around with Titan and Barney. I also have a condition called Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM) that is controlled by giving me feed that is low in sugar. I currently eat Purina Ultium and I am doing great. Because of my PSSM, I can’t be stalled and need room to move around. That is why I like to go on walks so much because they make me feel better. Overall, I am just like any other horse, except I am bigger and I love to cuddle. Companion Only.

Best career/placement option for Jesse:     Pasture Mate

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