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Seeking pony for therapeutic riding
Great and Small, Boyds, MD

Could this be the next chapter for your horse?

We are seeking a Pony that meets the following criteria:
Age Range:
Aged 10-14  Aged 15-20  Aged Over 20

Geldings  Mares  

Size Preference:
, Large Pony (13.3 to 14.2h)

Breed Preference: The following breeds will NOT be considered:

Our organization has the following policies about horses who are sound and healthy but have the following chronic conditions that require medication:
Lyme Disease: Not Accept
Cushing's Disease: Accept with financial assistance for medication
Thyroid Disease: Accept
Navicular Disease: Accept with financial assistance for medication
Inflammation: Accept with financial assistance for medication

Experience & Suitability

Seeking confident, well-adjusted pony who enjoys human interaction and accepts a variety of stimuli

Activities that the equine will be expected to perform:
    English Walk Only
    Englilsh Walk/Trot
    Horsemanship (grooming, tacking up & handling by individuals with disabilities)
    Unmounted activities including handling when at liberty in a round pen or arena

Other Activities:
Ability to canter with beginner riders is a plus, ability to "trail ride" in familiar areas near the barn is a requirement.

Current/former experience/training which could make the equine suitable for your program:
    English Pleasure
    Hunter Seat Equitation
    Trail Riding
    Western Dressage
    Western Pleasure
    Western Seat Equitation

Other Experience/Training:
Pony Club experience, lesson pony experience


The equine will be located at Great and Small, 17320 Moore Road, Boyds, MD 20841.

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More about where will the equine be located?

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Total acreage dedicated specifically to the horses: 25
Our organization has use of the following at this facility:
Structures/Barns: 3  Run-in sheds: 6
Pastures: 9  Paddocks/Pens: 5
Uncovered Outdoor Rings: 1  Covered Outdoor Rings: 0
Indoor Rings: 1

Horses have assigned stalls in the structure(s).
Horses are stalled for 9-12 hours per day, on average.
Horse Turn Out Practices:
    Horses are out 9 to 15 hours per day
    Horses are out 16+ hours per day
    Horses are out 24/7 except when they are used for the conduct of the organization's programs

The following describes the pastures at this facility:
    This facility has a written plan in place for pasture management, which includes guidelines for seeding, fertilizing, irrigation, mowing, dragging, harrowing, manure removal, removal of debris, the control of poisonous plants, and a schedule for cleaning
    A dedicated staff person(s) is responsible for pasture management
    All pastures are fenced to prevent escape or injury
    Electric fencing is used; electric wires or tape fence are visibly marked
    Fencing checks, such as broken or missing planks, loose fence posts, exposed or loose nails, detached wires, etc., are done regularly
    Pastures are rotated
    Pastures have man-made protection for horses (i.e., shelters)

The following describes the turnout areas other than pastures at this facility:
    This facility does not have turnout areas

The following items are consistent with our feed management plan and practices:
    Horses are provided with individualized feeding plans, including supplements, according to age and any health issues
    Horses are fed in individual stalls
    Horses are fed in groups
    Staff and volunteers are trained in proper feed measurements and protocols and observed periodically to ensure they are feeding correctly
    The feed chart is centrally located and updated as needed
    The area(s) where hay, feed, grain, and supplements are stored are kept clean, free of debris and chemicals, and protected from weather and other animals in rodent-proof and mold-proof containers and grain bins
    Feed, supplements and hay types are clearly labeled
    Water sources, i.e., buckets, troughs, automatic waterers, etc. are kept clean, free of debris and chemicals, and protected from weather and other animals

Our organization has the following policies and procedures in place pertaining to the ongoing assessment of horses in its care:
    Horses at our facility may be treated by an equine chiropractor
    Horses at our facility may be treated by an equine acupuncturist
    Horses at our facility may be treated by an equine massage therapist

Horses have access to clean drinking water at all times

Hoof care is provided for each horse: Every 4-8 weeks and when an issue arises

Dental care is provided for each horse: Annually and when an issue arises

Each horse is given a physical exam by a veterinarian: Annually and when an issue arises

Each horse is visually and physically checked by personnel at the facility: Every day or 6 days a week

Our organization has the following worming protocols in place to control parasites:
    Fecal testing is performed prior to the use of a de-wormer.

Fly/Insect Control - Remedies used to control flies and insects:
    Fly parasites
    Fly Traps and Tapes
    Fly Spray Repellent
    Fly Masks
    Fly Sheets

Our Acquisition, Intake & Training Policies

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Great and Small will accept equines from the following sources:
    Donation  ✔ Yes      No    
    Free Lease  ✔ Yes      No    
    Purchase/Adoption from Owner  ✔ Yes      No    

Great and Small requires the following with respect to the health status of the equine prior to acceptance and arrival at the organization:
    A current Coggins
    Vaccination records that have been administered within the last 12 months

Great and Small has the following policies in place prior to an equine being accepted and/or arriving at the facility:
    The owner of a potential horse is interviewed over the phone or in person prior to seeing the horse
    The horse is evaluated at its place of residence
    The owner completes an application/contract which constitutes the agreement between the owner and our organization
    Horses are on trial for up to 30 days
    Horses are on trial up to 60 days
    Horses are on trial for 60 or more days
    The trial period may be reduced based on the horse's progress
    During the trial period, the organization accepts total financial responsibility for the care of the horse, including board, feed, shoeing and any necessary veterinary care
    The trial period may be terminated by either the organization or the owner for any reason

Great and Small assesses equines for following skills and behaviors:
    Retrieval from a pasture/paddock
    Leading with a halter and lead rope
    Temperament, disposition and attitude, such as rated from very calm to very high spirited
    Loading onto and unloading off a trailer
    Mounting and dismounting
    Riding at the walk
    Riding at the trot
    Riding at the canter
    Riding by a beginner and/or unbalanced rider
    Tolerance to unusual objects and loud noises
    Known vices, i.e., cribbing, biting, kicking, weaving, stall walking, etc
    Tolerance to multiple handlers at the same time

Following arrival at the facility, the following is performed:
    Physical examination by trained barn staff
    Physical examination by a farrier
    Fecal test

Horses provided formal training (groundwork or riding):   2-3 times per week

Our Equine Retirement Policy

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Great and Small has the following policies and procedures related to horses that need to be retired, are no longer useful, or are no longer manageable:
    Horses may remain at our organization for their lifetimes
    Horses may be found suitable homes by our organization
    Horses may be returned to their owners
    In the case a horse is unmanageable and demonstrates repeated dangerous behaviors, the horse may be euthanized
    In the case a horse is unsound and/or unhealthy and cannot be treated to relieve suffering, the horse may be euthanized

More About Us

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Great and Small
17320 Moore Road
Boyds MD 20841
Last Updated 2019-08-03

Public Charity

Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Great and Small provides equine-assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) to children and adults of all ages affected by a range of physical, developmental, emotional, and learning disabilities. Through a supportive and therapeutic engagement with horses we strengthen and empower our riders, helping them develop their full potential.

Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Public Service

Our organization conducts Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) in accordance with the EQUUS Foundation Guidelines on Qualifications of Organizations Conducting Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT).

Our organization does not provide community outreach and/or public education programs involving horses.

100% of our total programs and services are horse-related.

Our organization conducts its horse-related programs at one facility.

EIN: 52-2012519
Founded: 1998

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