2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Honorable Mention

Official Name: Tori Fra Oddsstooum 1
Birth Year: 1993 Gender: Gelding. Breed: Icelandic


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Gaited Advocate Intervention Team, Inc. (GAIT)
Tori is one of the sweetest little horses you'll ever meet. He's the first one to the gate for attention, but never demanding. We've been able to stabilize his leaky gut syndrome, however, he has an allergy to timothy hay, his dentition is not great and he has pretty severe Sweet Itch (allergy to bugs). We believe the Platinum Performance gut health and immune boosting products will really help with his quality of life as we care for him through his golden years.

One of my favorite games to play with him is to have him follow me and I jog to his food bowl in the morning, he runs behind me in his little Icelandic gait and eagerly eats his breakfast or dinner. He's a perfect gentleman about getting his fly spray and treatment for his sweet itch. He's smart enough to hang out in the run-in during the day with his fan. He's like a little horse teddy bear with his big mane and fluffy tail. He's the ultimate "in your pocket" guy and everyone that meets him falls instantly in love with him.

As an Icelandic, he was imported to the US never to be allowed to return to his home country. With his age, it makes him very difficult to adopt and his special feeding needs makes it hard to find a foster for him. He has a safe place to live with GAIT, Inc. and Platinum Performance can help us provide dietary supplements that will help him feel better.

Tori will become an ambassador for his breed and for the rescue. He will be appearing at local fairs and expos letting people know that senior horses are a treasure, that rescue horses are worth loving and that the Icelandic breed is very special.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Tori came to GAIT, Inc. because he was suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome. His owner couldn't stabilize him and he was not doing well -- Denise Louise Parsons