2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Honorable Mention

Official Name: Nutmeg
Birth Year: 2003 Gender: Mare. Breed: Tennessee


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Ridin' High, Inc.
Nutmeg is Ridin' High's 'go to' therapy horse, and safely takes care of riders from 4 to 84 years old who have a wide variety of disabilities. She is an attractive, 19-year old spotted saddle (Tenn. Walking) horse mare who is incredibly sweet and quiet in temperament, while still being people-oriented and friendly. Nutmeg is completely trustworthy, popular, and used in mounted activities for complete beginners, older riders with dementia or balance issues, stroke survivors with uneven weight distribution and weakness on one side, those with ADHD or anxiety (she's very calm and tolerant), riders with cerebral palsy, and those with autism. To illustrate her patience, she stood patiently in the mounting ramp area for 45 minutes one day because her rider (a young man with Down Syndrome) was very nervous about getting on a horse. Finally, he mounted and she quietly and slowly gave him a wonderful ride and feeling of freedom and success.

She is also perfect for groundwork as she's interactive and friendly, while still extremely quiet. She has been stellar with all participants, including a 911 first responder who is recovering from PTSD, camp riders (who like to paint her), special needs students from a local high school, and new volunteers. She's learned a number of tricks, such as opening a mailbox (for horse treats, of course) and playing soccer with a large therapy ball. And she knows her 'job' as a groundwork horse, too! One day she was in the crossties and the volunteer forgot to attach one side. Nutmeg stood exactly in the middle of aisle with only one side connected for 15 minutes without moving.

Nutmeg would benefit greatly from the Platinum Performance Products as she is an older mare with osteoarthritis and crepitus in her joints. Although she's an attractive mare, her conformation isn't the best, which affects her biomechanics and soundness. She has special shoes to help keep her sound and happy; Platinum Performance Products would be extremely helpful to ensure that she can continue in our program. Since she is a key member of the therapy horse herd, we are dedicated to helping her have a great quality of life so that she can continue to impact the lives of those with disabilities.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
I am the director at Ridin' High Therapeutic Riding Center. Nutmeg has been an incredible therapy horse and contributed significantly to the riders in our program. She has influenced dozens of lives! -- Linda Bird