2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Honorable Mention

Big Sis '18
Official Name: Big Sis '18
Birth Year: 2018 Gender: Gelding. Breed: Thoroughbred


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Secretariat Center
Big Sis ’18 nicknamed Elliott had a challenging start to life. He was born blind in the right eye. But if Elliott ever realized he was different from other horses, you couldn't tell. As a youngster, he trained here in Kentucky with all the other horses as they prepared for life at the track. However, his owners decided that Elliott was not to be a racehorse and he retired on a small farm in Kentucky. That is until one day a supporter of the Secretariat Center came up the drive to talk to the director. She had a horse that she believed could be happier with a special person in a second career. Elliott arrived a few days later, just before Christmas. Elliott was a big mover with a willingness to learn and a trusting nature. He has proved his stellar personality repeatedly through his retraining. He learned to jump, tackled the obstacle course and has learned to have confidence in his rider to attend and win in local horse shows. He is even helping interns and visitors learn training, handling, and nutrition. Elliott's zest for life and willingness to learn will make him a perfect partner for when he is adopted. Performance products like Platinum Performance CJ, Longevity, and GI Support will aid in keeping this amazing future partner sound and healthy through his second career and give him many years of success with his special person.

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Elliott or Big Sis '18 is a favorite of all the Staff at the Secretariat Center. I was an intern with the Secretariat Center when Elliott arrived. Not having any experience with horses before, we bonded as I watched his first ride, helped with his intakes, provided care for him (i.e. grooming, turning out, feeding, bathing, etc.). During my time spent with Elliot, my relationship with him has grown significantly, especially as we both learned new skills and gained confidence through training here at the center. We have established a strong enough bond to be able to calm the other down from nerves or being anxious, and my bond with Elliot has given me the confidence needed to pursue other equine roles and be successful in them. – Makenzie Smith, Secretariat Center Intern 2022 -- Makenzie Smith