2022 Platinum Performance
Horse Welfare Award Recipients

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2022 Honorable Mention

Mongoose Gold
Official Name: Mongoose Gold
Birth Year: 2004 Gender: Mare. Breed: Thoroughbred


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Friends of Ferdinand Inc
FFI was the first TAA accredited organization to develop a program for the retired thoroughbred broodmares. Many of the aftercare organizations focus on the thoroughbred right when it comes off the track, but many mares go on to be broodmares and then later have a need for a soft landing. Those horses are particularly at risk as they are older and often get passed around or overlooked.
Mongoose Gold, aka GG, is our first graduate from the Broodmare Bunch who is ready to find her new home! Born in 2004, she was a successful racehorse, winning 8 of 33 races and banking over $250k in her career. She then retired from the track, and had 6 foals, including two very successful runners who have earned over $100k each. She was responsibly retired from breeding by her owners, who look forward to her enjoying her golden years with a person who can dote on her. They thought she was the sweetest mare, but she was done breeding and had the right personality for a third career as a riding horse.
Mongoose Gold was donated in the fall of 2021 to Friends of Ferdinand as a 17 year old pensioned broodmare. At our intake exam our vet observed some idiosyncrasies that led him to do an EPM test, which came back elevated. We treated her for EPM and after that was completed our trainer worked with her and got her going at her pace. She has been ridden by a variety of students and even participated in an archery clinic earlier this year. She is available for adoption as a riding horse and has been restarted English and is even cleared to jump.
GG has had some ups and downs getting through her treatment and even still struggles holding her weight sometimes that she could greatly benefit from extra platinum performance supplements. She is a loved horse and has an endearing personality, including lip smacking tricks, and we can't wait to see how she can feel even better with Platinum Performances help!

More pictures and video avaialable - https://friendsofferdinand.com/collections/current-horses/products/mongoose-gold-the-first-graduate-of-the-broodmare-bunch?variant=42714631667886

Relationship of Nominator to Nominee
Mongoose Gold was donated to Friends of Ferdinand through our Broodmare Bunch program. I am on the board of Friends of Ferdinand and helped launch the new program in 2021. -- Diana Cooper