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America's Horses
Need Our Protection!


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Amateur Aged Under 36

Taylor Bodson (2017)

Kelly Bohnenberger (2017)

Julianne Budzik (2017)

Olivia Carr (2017)

Catherine Cowie (2018)

Dean Dignelli (2018)

Clementine Goutal (2018)

Victoria Grauer Ketchum (2017)

Karen Handler (2018)

Stacey Isles (2017)

Dr. Kristina Juhnke (2017)

Samantha Karp (2018)

Samantha Kramig (2017)

Britta Lippert (2018)

Lexi Maounis (2018)

Serena Marron (2017)

Sophie Michaels (2017)

Kaile Rudy (2018)

Chelsea Samuels (2017)

Callie Seaman (2018)

Jessica Singer (2017)

Kristen Trimboli (2017)

Kaylee Vance (2017)

John Walker IV (2017)

Lauren R. Weiss (2017)

Amateur Aged 36 & Over

Beth Bidgood (2017)

Dr. Laurel Blakemore (2017)

Laura Ganny (2017)

Becky Gochman (2017)

Kimberly Handler (2017)

Gretchen Jelinek (2017)

Lannie Lipson (2017)

Shayne Mackey (2018)

JP Mejia (2017)

Carla Nolan (2017)

Daryl Portela (2017)

Jennifer Porter (2018)

Jody Randolph (2017)

Robert Rose (2017)

Ann Russo (2017)

Gina Serkasevich (2017)

Laura Sicuro (2017)

Alison Sweeney (2017)

Ellen Toon (2017)

Laura Wasserman (2018)

*We would like to recognize your accomplishments in our social media campaign. Please email us your favorite photo depicting your bond with horses here. Please include your name and USEF number.