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America's Horses
Need Our Protection!


Thank you for supporting the EQUUS Foundation.

Jennifer Alfano (2017)

Molly Ashe-Cawley (2017)

Hayley Barnhill (2017)

Dottie Barnwell-Areson (2018)

Jennifer Bauersachs (2017)

Kimberly Brunson (2017)

Philip Cillis (2017)

Kelli Cruciotti (2017)

Andre Dignelli (2018)

John French (2017)

Hope Glynn (2017)

Patricia Griffith (2018)

Leah Halsdorf (2017)

Kristin Hardin (2017)

Gabrielle D. Hero (2017)

Geoffrey P. Hesslink (2018)

Lillie Keenan (2017)

Candice King (2017)

Laura Kraut (2017)

Peter Lutz (2017)

Beezie Madden (2017)

Mary Manfredi (2017)

Brady Mitchell (2017)

Holly Orlando (2017)

Peter Pletcher (2017)

Alison Robitaille (2017)

Laena Romond (2018)

Ms. Havens Schatt (2017)

Louise W. Serio (2017)

Nicole Shahinian-Simpson (2017)

Sydney Shulman (2017)

Will Simpson (2017)

Jessica Springsteen (2017)

Scott Stewart (2017)

Jimmy Torano (2017)

McLain Ward (2017)

Cynthia Williams (2018)

Lainie Wimberly (2017)

Ali Wolff (2018)

*We would like to recognize your accomplishments in our social media campaign. Please email us your favorite photo depicting your bond with horses here. Please include your name and USEF number.