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Learn more about our participating Guardian charities in the East South Central Region:
Central Kentucky Riding for Hope, Inc. (CKRH)
Horse Haven of Tennessee, Inc
Kentucky Equine Adoption Center
R.A.C.E Fund, Inc.
Ridin' High, Inc.
Secretariat Center
Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc.
Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy

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Central Kentucky Riding for Hope, Inc. (CKRH) (East South Central)
AP Hutchy, aka Hutch, was injured during training for his racing career, tearing his suspensory branch. After the injury, his owner donated Hutch to the Secretariat Center to help him find a new career. Despite his young years - now only four - his puppy-dog personality made him the perfect fit for us! Everyone at CKRH fell in love with Hutch, because how could we not love a big, loveable three-year-old who just wants to cuddle? We’re taking it slow as his injury is not completely healed yet, but he’s been cleared for walking under tack, playing games in our indoor arena, and riding on the CKRH Sensory Trail. We are so grateful for our relationship with the Secretariat Center and all excited to watch Hutch grow and learn on his journey to becoming a therapy horse!
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Horse Haven of Tennessee, Inc (East South Central)
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Kentucky Equine Adoption Center (East South Central)
Venus is a 2019 grade filly and a great ambassador because she shows the power of what we do. Horses that have been abused, abandoned and neglected and are surrendered to us get a new lease on a loving life through great health care, retraining and adoption. The heart-shaped blasé on Venus' face forever tells the story that she is loved, like all the horses that come through our doors. Venus was part of a large neglect case in the summer of 2021 and arrived at the Center pretty emaciated and stunted. Since arriving at the Center, she has put on some much-needed weight and is now looking much healthier. Venus is currently learning all the basics (leading, handling, backing, yielding to pressure, etc.) she also is being taught to drive. She will make someone a lovely partner someday soon! Learn more about Venus here.
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R.A.C.E Fund, Inc. (East South Central)
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Ridin' High, Inc. (East South Central)
Amber Lynch riding Jackson
Jackson: From Hard Life to Famous Therapy Horse Jackson is a great therapy horse! He's extremely popular with participants of all ages with significant physical impairments, those struggling with PTSD, and independent riders. One of his most 'famous' appearances was at a large fundraising horse event, where he was ridden by a stroke survivor in front of 3,000 fans. However, before he came to Ridin' High, Jackson had a tough life. One of our therapy center's supporters saw him on Craiglist and felt the horse deserved a chance, so she bought him as a personal trail horse and loaned him to our center two days each week. It didn't take long to discover that his true calling was as a therapy horse and he became a permanent member of the herd.
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Nephew Howard D and Risque's Warrior
Secretariat Center (East South Central)
These two geldings were claimed and sent to race in Puerto Rico. After being sent to race in Puerto Rico ending in challenging racing experiences and poor finishes, "Howie" and "Risky" were rescued and rehabbed by the Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare Inc. Through a partnership between our organizations, "Howie" and "Risky" were sent back to the states to find new homes and careers with the Secretariat Center. Kind and sweet, they are receiving additional aftercare treatment after their long travel home and will both make great horses for the right adopters.
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Small Miracles Therapeutic Equestrian Center, Inc. (East South Central)
Phoenix, a beautiful, highly intuitive rescued Shetland pony mare with a traumatic past joined our Miracle Herd a year ago. Even though she has trust and abandonment issues, she has an uncanny gift to connect with children, youth and adults receiving Trauma-Informed Care Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies services in our program. Many have experienced unspeakable abuse and neglect. Phoenix teaches trust, offers hope, emotional healing and unconditional love.
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Southern Reins Center for Equine Therapy (East South Central)
Basie is a handsome Westphalian gelding who proves every day that he is a therapy horse extraordinaire! With an illustrious hunter/jumper show record and gentle disposition, his wealth of experience and knowledge helps participants like Parker build confidence as they develop more advanced riding skills. Basie absolutely adores people, and his curious nature and genuine kindness melts the hearts of everyone he meets.
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