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Bagaduce River Equine Rescue (New England)
Tommy was in our first group of horses we rescued in 2018. Diagnosed with navicular syndrome shortly after arriving from a Texas kill pen, Tommy has earned his permanent place in our herd. He has memories of darker times that continue to surface. The terror he displays remind us of the demons he continues to fight. Most days are peaceful and happy and the darker moments come farther apart with the development of trust and love.
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Dorset Equine Rescue (New England)
Smiley is a stunning 14 year old Standardbred gelding. He has a wonderful, playful and energetic personality and loves to be mentally engaged. He once had a very successful harness racing career before he ended up at auction. During his training evaluation and an evaluation by our veterinarian, we discovered that he has an extreme case of "Tying- up", where his muscles seize up while in work. Smiley is available for adoption as a pasture companion only. Smiley would do best in a living situation where he could go in and out of his stall as he pleases and be turned out with another horse with a playful personality like his. Learn more about Smiley here.
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Draft Gratitude (New England)
Queenie recently found herself needing a new home after working her entire life on a farm. Thankfully, we were able to offer her a safe landing. Queenie is getting caught up on her past-due veterinary needs as well as gaining some weight. Queenie has earned a safe retirement which Draft Gratitude is giving to her.
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Gerda's Equine Rescue, Inc. (New England)
Flour is an older, neglected pony that we rescued this Thanksgiving. When she arrived she seemed depressed and had no zest for life left. She had a severe internal infection and a painful eye that needed treatment. A little girl named Ella, who lives at the rescue with her parents, spent time brushing her and talking quietly to her and Flour seemed to love this. Now that Flour's infection has cleared and her eye is being treated, she is feeling much better and is enjoying giving pony rides and being spoiled. She is ready for adoption and all she needs now is a home and child to call her own!
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Lil' Richard
Hidden Pond Farm Equine Rescue (New England)
Lil' Richard is particularly special for us as his namesake was a volunteer at our rescue who passed away. When Lil' Richard was born at the Rescue last year, he needed immediate veterinary care and had to fight for his life. Thanks to donors, today he is healthy, happy, and plenty sassy. His resiliency and strength are an inspiration to volunteers and visitors to the rescue.
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High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, Inc. (New England)
Kind, generous and true, Petra is one of 21 horses who bring joy and ease to many at High Hopes. Petra, donated as a 4 year old, has been with us for over 20 years. Unique in her longevity, consistency, reliability and disposition, she is a gift to all those she meets.
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Horse SenseAbility at Wildstar Farm (New England)
Hugo the Shetland Pony and Horse SenseAbility's founder Polly visit schools and local social service organizations as a registered Pet Partners team. In addition to his special skills for therapy work, Hugo is house-trained (!) so he's able to visit children inside or outside. Interacting with Hugo helps children de-stress and regulate their behavior. In one case, a non-verbal youngster even said the word “horse” after meeting Hugo for the first time!
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Little Britches Therapeutic Riding (New England)
Our one-eyed pony, Chubs, is a favorite. He is quite a character and likes to have a good time! His cheeky personality keeps our riders engaged. Chubs is steadfast and reliable which makes him a critical member of our therapeutic riding program.
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Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals (New England)
Before & After - Zeus with Barn Manager Jeff Greenleaf
Blue roan Percheron gelding Zeus arrived at the shelter as one of a herd of 20 severely neglected horses. Thin, loaded with parasites, and crippled by lack of hoof care, Zeus has blossomed during rehabilitation. Brushing up on his ground manners with MSSPA's Barn Manager Jeff Greenleaf helps ensure this beautiful big boy's eventual adoption to the perfect home.
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Honor n' Charm (Charm)
Mitchell Farm Equine Retirement, Inc. (New England)
Though Charm came from a long line of proven racehorses, a runner she wasn't so her owners banked on her genes as a brood mare. Bred 18 times in 18 years, her owners planned to euthanize her -- instead -- an opening allowed Charm to live out her life at Mitchell Farm.
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New Canaan Mounted Troop, Inc. (New England)
Our sweet Welsh pony, Midnight Blues, AKA Blue, came to us 20 years ago after a show career. Now in his early 30's, Blue is kind-hearted and super fun to groom and ride. He's taught hundreds of our horsemanship and therapeutic students. Fun fact: Blue has ticklish withers.
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New England Equine Rescue - North Inc. (New England)
Dayzi suffered a devastating kick to the side of her head prior to arriving at NEER North. The kick resulted in severe damage to her eye. Upon intake and evaluation, our vets determined that removal of the eye was the next step in her recovery. She is itchy but otherwise adapting well and healing! We know that Dayzi has a long road ahead to recovery, but we are committed to helping her find her forever home however long it takes.
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Riding To The Top Therapeutic Riding Center (New England)
Babe is Riding To The Top's most senior herd member, at age 33+! She is the consummate lesson pony and is the epitome of "bombproof", never batting an eye or taking a flighty step with snow sliding off the roof or with unexpected sounds during our therapeutic lessons. Her work at Riding To The Top seems to give her meaning and purpose, and RTT’s clients, volunteers and staff all love her!!
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Sweet Caroline
Rising Starr Horse Rescue (New England)
Sweet Caroline is a Buckskin Quarter Horse mare that we saved directly off a trailer. She had gotten beat up in the trailer on her way to LA via VA. The shipper gave her too us -- it was just too many hours for this older skinny beat up girl to travel. She is healing now and the most beautiful and thankful soul. She's not rideable, but we are hoping to find her a soft landing for her older years. You will not find a friendlier, kind horse.
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Shepard Meadows Therapeutic Riding Center, Inc. (New England)
Tonka is an eleven-year-old Haflinger Gelding standing 13.1 hands with a star, stripe and snip. Tonka loves his job as a therapy horse! He has found his niche in life and has made a lot of people feel fabulous about themselves. He participates in all our programming including horsemanship, learning and therapy. He's a real extrovert who keeps our therapy herd entertained!
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The Equus Effect (New England)
There is no measure for the value of compassion, non-judgment and self-awareness that a clear channel like Tango can bring to people who have lost hope. He appears to see right into their hearts and knows intuitively how to make them feel safe so the healing process can begin.
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