PA Racehorse Rehoming, Rehabilitation & Rescue

PA Racehorse Rehoming, Rehabilitation & Rescue
1008 Piketown Rd

EIN: 66-0821935
Founded: 2014
Last Updated 2018-06-03

Public Charity

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Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Our efforts focus on the well being, re-homing, and education and support of ex-racehorses and finding them new careers after their racing careers have ended. We also support at-risk shelter dogs and occasional at-risk horses that end up neglected or in auction/slaughter situations when finances and abilities allow us to help.

Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Horse Welfare

Our organization operates programs involved with horse rescue, foster care, rehabilitation, adoption and/or retirement.

Our organization's primary activity is equine rescue, adoption & retirement.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care and shelter of horses.

100% of our total programs and services are horse-related.

Our organization conducts its horse-related programs at one facility.

Volunteer Opportunities

Barn Help
Minimum Age: 16
Stall cleaning, bring horses in and turn out, feed and water, blanket changing, basic farm work and repair

Equine Grooming Volunteers Needed
Minimum Age: 16
Volunteers needed to come and give the horses some extra love and attention, including brushing and overall grooming to help us keep them clean, healthy and happy

Advanced Rider/Trainer
Minimum Age: 18
Many of our OTTBs and other rescue horses need some occasional riding to remind them of their skills and to continue to prepare them for their next careers

Wish List Items

PA Racehorse Rehoming, Rehab & Rescue Wish List
Monetary Support
Recurring Donations
Individual Sanctuary Horse Sponsorship
Hay – lots of HAY
Grain – Nutrena Pro Force Fuel, Purina Impact Sweet Feed, Nutrena Boost, Nutrena Balance
Electrolyte Powders and paste
Large Gas Powered Generator
Poly-Coated Electric Horse Fence (like Shockline product
from )
Heavy Duty Fence Posts
8ft, 10ft and 16ft Oak Fence Boards
Neat Receipts Pro
Large Overseas Shipping Container to Convert Into Shelter
Tractor w/Bucket
Amazon, Tractor Supply, Agway, Home Depot, Ace Hardware Gift Cards
Hoof Boots
Jolly Balls/Equine Boredom Busters
Leather Halters – Cob & Horse Size
Pitch Forks – metal or plastic
Collapsible Hoses
Chains for ATV Tires
Manure Dump Cart – Heavy-Duty Tow Behind Model
Nibble Nets (hay nets) of All Sizes
Outdoor Horse Blankets and Fly Sheets (sizes 72-82)

*Guardians are organizations on the Equine Welfare Network that demonstrate a commitment to public transparency and accountability by their willingness to publish and share extensive data about their operations. The Guardian Designation is awarded annually.
Equine Welfare Network Guardian

We are proud to be a 2018 Guardian and share our horse care & use practices with the public.

We welcome you to donate directly to us. We will receive 100% of your donation made here.


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