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America's Horses
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Endeavor Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc.

P.O. Box 328

Tax ID/EIN: 47-2323887
Year Founded: 2014
Last Updated 2017-08-30

Public Charity

Equine Welfare Network Guardian
We are proud to be a *2017 Guardian and share our horse care & use practices with the public.

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Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Public Service

Our organization operates programs involved with providing equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) using certified instructors for individuals with special needs.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care and shelter of horses.

100% of our total programs and services are horse-related.

Our organization conducts its horse-related programs at one facility.

Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Endeavor Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc.'s mission is to empower individuals with a broad range of special needs by providing the highest quality equine-assisted activities and therapies in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

Horse-related programs:
Equine Assisted Activities and Learning (EAAL)<br /><br />Therapeutic Riding and Horse Shows<br />Therapeutic horseback riding is a recreational and sport-based activity that focuses on learning riding skills. The therapeutic benefits from horseback riding can include physical, cognitive, emotional and social improvements. All lessons are taught by PATH, Intl. certified instructors.<br /><br />Sibling Program<br />Reflective of Endeavor’s commitment to inclusion, able-bodied siblings of Endeavor participants are invited to join in all aspects of program. Fostering confidence, respect and a lot of joy, the Sibling Program offers meaningful benefits for family members and the family unit as a whole.<br /><br />Ground Horsemanship Program<br />Ground horsemanship program utilizes equine-assisted activities to enhance learning and development. An individualized plan will be developed for ground participants focusing on horse husbandry skills including, but not limited to: communication, grooming, tacking, and healthcare.<br /><br />Active Duty/Veteran Programs<br />We are proud to partner with Hearts 4 Heroes: United States to offer equine assisted activities and therapies to active duty soldiers, veterans, and their families free of charge.<br /><br />Group/Residential Programming<br />Endeavor partners with residential facilities and day programs to provide Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies. <br /><br />Summer Camp<br />Includes ground horsemanship skills, daily riding, games, crafts, and activities that center around the horse. <br /><br />Field Trips, Birthday Parties and Special Events<br />By request, Endeavor can provide a wide range of personalized field trips for school outings, recreational groups, local businesses or residential facilities, and birthday parties or special events for currently enrolled participants. Endeavor can create an itinerary based on members of participants, age range, and goals for the trip. The cost is dependent upon the group and chosen activities.<br /><br />Vocational Volunteers<br />Endeavor welcomes individuals with special needs, who are a minimum age of 14, to volunteer around the farm and facility with a job coach. Tasks assigned are ability-appropriate, and include, but are not limited to: cleaning tack, raking, cleaning water buckets/troughs, sweeping, painting, picking stalls, etc. Vocational Volunteers learn the responsibility of caring for horses and a farm, and how to efficiently and effectively complete tasks.<br /> <br /><br />Equine Assisted Therapy (EAT)<br /><br />Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)<br />Endeavor utilizes several different models of EAP to address mental health, including EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association). Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) at Endeavor links a licensed mental health professional with a credentialed equine specialist to partner with equine(s) to address personal therapy goals set forth by the mental health professional and the client.<br /><br />Hippotherapy<br />Endeavor works with a licensed, credentialed physical therapists and speech language pathology professionals use equine movement to achieve functional therapeutic outcomes. Endeavor is a member center of the American Hippotherapy Association, Inc.

Non-horse-related programs:
All of our direct service programs at Endeavor utilize our equine partners. We provide or host continued education for the general public and/or other professionals in the EAAT field. These seminars, clinics, and workshops typically include hands-on portions with the horses, however, some only discuss why we work with horses for different program offerings instead of actively working with the horses.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities!
Minimum Age: 14
Volunteer opportunities at Endeavor may include, but are not limited to: working in program, helping in the barn with the horses, creating/maintaining the trail system, and helping in the office and tack room. Endeavor also offers a series of volunteer training sessions to provide continued education so your time at Endeavor is as beneficial as possible.

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*Guardians are organizations on the Equine Welfare Network that demonstrate a commitment to public transparency and accountability by their willingness to publish and share extensive data about their operations. The Guardian Designation is awarded annually.