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America's Horses
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Ride On St. Louis, Inc.

PO Box 94
Kimmswick MO 63053

Tax ID/EIN: 43-1885666
Year Founded: 1998
Last Updated 2017-02-15

Public Charity

Equine Welfare Network Guardian
We are proud to be a *2017 Guardian and share our horse care & use practices with the public.

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Primary Focus involving horses (Horse Welfare, Public Service, Sport & Recreation):  Public Service

Our organization operates programs involved with providing equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) using certified instructors for individuals with special needs.

Our organization is directly responsible for the care and shelter of horses.

100% of our total programs and services are horse-related.

Our organization conducts its horse-related programs at one facility.

Our Mission/How we are involved with horses:
Ride On St. Louis exists to promote health and enrich lives through love, joy and holistic healing. Ride On St. Louis is an equine assisted activities and therapies center that uses the movement of the horse to benefit children and adults with disabilities, veterans and the at-risk youth.

Horse-related programs:
ROSL is an equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) center that uses specially selected and trained horses to provide emotional, mental and physical improvements to children and adults living with diagnosed disabilities. ROSL offers therapy (physical or occupational), adaptive or therapeutic riding, sports riding, unmounted activities, equine services for heroes and a summer camp. Our therapy department employs licensed physical and occupational therapists who treat clients on an individual basis. A client's treatment strategy includes equine movement for core strengthening, motor control, balance reactions and developmental sequencing that demand constant sensory input and modulation/integration of this input. Adaptive or therapeutic riding participants are encouraged to perform horsemanship activities directed toward functional goals. Partaking in various activities offers stimulation to muscle groups they may not utilize, problem solving, increased communication opportunities and social and sensory integration. Sports riders train to control the horse and ride to the best of his/her ability. The sports riding classes instruct and condition individuals to be true equestrians and embrace all aspects of the equine world. Equine Services for Heroes accommodates service members who have been injured and strives to nurture the mind and body through both the physically healing movement of the horse and emotional interaction. Lesson components may consist of a variety of activities both on and off the horse. Unmounted Activities clients engage in activities that support comprehensive care and handling of equines and activities that are necessary and useful regarding safety procedures for equine interaction. Lessons address equine behavior, communication, grooming, equipment, leading, health, handling and overall basic equine management. Lastly, our Sensation Summer Camp is an inclusive day camp open to new clients, current clients, those with developmental, physical or cognitive challenges, as well as able-bodied children who are interested in riding and learning about horses in a welcoming and positive environment. Siblings and friends are welcomed and encouraged to attend. During camp, campers will utilize all of their senses to explore the sight, sound, smell, taste, touch and movement that is inherent to learning about horsemanship.<br />ROSL operates a 8-10 week spring session, 4 week summer camp, 11 week fall session and some clients choose to participate in a 4-6 week winter session. In 2016 ROSL provided 1164 EAAT hours to 140 individuals.

Non-horse-related programs:
All of our current services utilize equine movement and/or equine interaction.

Volunteer Opportunities

Event Workers
Minimum Age: 14
Annual Volunteer Opportunities
*Trivia Night - Sat April 29, 2017
*Music Fest - Sat August __, 2017 (tba)
*Jan’s Party - Fri November 11th, 2016
*Work Days - various throughout the year.

Board Of Directors Member
Minimum Age: NA
We are looking to expand our Board of Directors and are in need of a member with experience in development and marketing.

Experienced Event Chairman
Minimum Age: NA
We have three major fundraisers each year, and are in need of someone to Chair each event. Our biggest needs are for our Trivia night in April and River Music Festival in August.

Minimum Age: 14
Sidewalkers walk along side of the horse and are responsible for providing support and stabilization to our riders who need assistance, as well as ensuring the safety of the rider.

**Must attend one 3-hour training class and successfully pass a competency test
**Commitment for full riding session (typically 10-14 weeks). Sessions are Spring (Mar-June), Summer (July), Fall (Sept-Dec).

Consistency is important for our clients. As a volunteer during a session, we ask that you commit to sidewalking for all 10-14 weeks of a session (or 4 weeks during summer camp). If a sidewalker cannot make a class, we ask for as much notice as possible in order to find a sub for that client.

Please contact us to confirm your interest and the date of the next sidewalker training class.

Property Maintenance & Gardening
Minimum Age: 14
If you like to be outside and keep things looking neat and tidy....we have the volunteer opportunity for you!
We are looking to add to our Property Maintenance and Gardening Team to put some detail and care into improving our grounds on the Anheuser Estate in Kimmswick! This includes fence work, fence painting, cleaning up sticks and debris, raking gumballs, planting flowers, creating flower beds, weeding, and any other ideas you have to make this place a little piece of heaven.

Administrative Volunteers
Minimum Age: 14
(facility/barn upkeep, office, photography and craft needs)
In addition to our program volunteers we have many opportunities available in other areas of the organization, as well. Volunteers can come individually or as a group (business, school, churches, boy/girl scout troops etc.) and perform age and skill appropriate tasks that may include grounds maintenance, cleaning stalls or tack, painting, repairs or office jobs like filling envelopes, typing or helping prepare for special events.

Experienced Equestrians
Minimum Age: 14
Do you know your way around a horse...I mean really know? Then we want you!
We would like you as a program volunteer to help hand graze, groom, tack, exercise, long line, and lead horses in our equine therapy program. We require everyone to enter our program as a sidewalker, and are very selective about who works with our therapy horses, but based on your experience and knowledge could progress quickly into our three levels of leader training. We want to help you put that equestrian knowledge to a good cause!

Fundraising Committee
Minimum Age: 14
Do you know how to raise money for a good cause? Have some inventive ideas to make events enticing? Then we need you to help us create a Fundraising Committee!
We need people who are flexible, open minded, creative, and practical to help us connect with donors and volunteers and make lasting relationships. Only by giving are you able to receive....We want to invest in our community and need volunteers who will make that their passion.

Wish List Items

Pine Shaving Bedding

Horse Feed (Purina Active Senior)

Grain-free Cat Food (Wet Or Dry)

16" Metal Fans

Fly Spray

*Guardians are organizations on the Equine Welfare Network that demonstrate a commitment to public transparency and accountability by their willingness to publish and share extensive data about their operations. The Guardian Designation is awarded annually.